Need "Window" item on MacOS top menu

Steps to reproduce

I noticed that clicking on the (?) button opens a new help window and that one can switch between the two windows using cmd-~ on the mac. There should be a “window” item on the top menu to allow switching via the menu without using a keyboard shortcut.

Expected result

Actual result


  • Operating system: MacOS
  • Obsidian version: v0.6.5
  • Using custom CSS: doesn’t matter

Additional information


Yes !! And one should also be able to use that “Window” item when there are 2 or more vaults open.

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@Silver please consider adding the Windows menu to macOS Obsidian. Make it helpful to use BetterTouchTool and others when switching vaults, etc.


Note that cmd-~ (tilde) does work to switch between windows.

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Not on my Mac. For me option+tab (option+shift+tab) works.

I’d like to +1 this for a couple reasons:

  • The View menu bar menu currently has things (like Minimize) that should be under Window
  • Without Window, there are no menu items for “Move to X” screen, which is really helpful when you have multiple screens and need to move Obsidian between them (I personally have a keyboard command for this so I can quickly move any window from one screen to another)

[BTW thanks for the great app, just getting started now and already really groking it.]

It would seem this is related to:

There are some MacOS integrations that are missing from the menu, and from mouse/trackpad gestures, that usually exists in other apps, and lend themselves to various workflows and basic OS accessibility.

i have always at 2/3 vaults open, and the Window menu (on macOS) is quite essential

Alternatively for each open vault there could be item in command palette and/or in Quick-Switcher formulated e.g.:

Activate an open vault "my-vault-name". 

So it would match when typing “a m”.

When there are more vaults with the same name, then disambiguate them by some path prefixed to vault name just like you do with in-vault links.

I guess this is also the reason, why I can’t use Cmd+M to minimize the Obsidian window. Would be very helpful, as it worked at some point.