Add support for Definition Lists

Please add support for Definition Lists. Looks like there’s a Markdown-it parser plugin available, markdown-it-deflist. Example:

Term 1

:   Definition 1

Term 2 with *inline markup*

:   Definition 2

        { some code, part of Definition 2 }

    Third paragraph of definition 2.

I would love to see this feature added! It shouldn’t be very hard to do.

A definition list would help to structure information in a standardized QA style. I often use lists with indentation to do this now:

  • How does it work?
    • It works like this

A definition list would be much better.

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How is markdown support in different flavours?

From a Stackexchange thread (x = yes, - = no):

  • [x] Maruku
  • [x] kramdown
  • [x]MultiMarkdown
  • [x] Pandoc
  • [-] Github
  • [-] Gitlab

Also see

Is it possible to add support for these lists, similar to

First Term
: This is the definition of the first term.

Second Term
: This is one definition of the second term.
: This is another definition of the second term.


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in my books i use often the definition lists, should be really nice to have them rendered somehow here, yes

I would like see support for definition lists, too.

I’d like to have this supported as well, I’d use it a lot

As a workaround you can embed HTML directly into the Markdown.

This works and renders correctly in the middle of a Markdown note in Obsidian:

	<dt>term 1</dt>
	<dd>definition 1</dd>
	<dt>term 2</dt>
	<dd>definition 2</dd>

Yes, this does work in the meantime.

However, I hope you add the true markdown version, since it’s easier to write (as all markdown syntax) and looks cleaner in edit mode.

But thank you very much for the suggestion, I’ll be sure to use it while the markdown version is not available!

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