Meta: how to implement a markdown plugin?

There are some nice plugin ideas, which could be more easily implemented if markdown plugins could be added to obsidian. I don’t know if you use markdown-it for rendering or not, but if you do, implementing these ideas would be trivial:

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Is the question about markdown plugins over plugins in general?

I have been trying to write one, but it was not working correctly so one to come back to. Would like to make some simple extensions, so am all for it being possible.

A plugin API is one of the big items on the devs’ roadmap:

@ryanjamurphy that is taking the fun and need of deving it now, roadmaps are dreams to me :smiley:

Point taken though. My Template vars, and zettelkasten highest index tracker ideas might have to wait. As can not find docs to understand electron coding passed hello world

If it helps, the Obsidian roadmap is the realest one I’ve seen!

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