Markdown emoji

It would be awesome to support the :emoji: syntax (as Typora, Github or this very forum do).


@Licat This should be as simple as adding the markdown-it emoji plugin.


Bumping in to say that this would be awesome!

I’m using obsidian in combination with GitJournal on android.
Every time I edit a note in GitJournal it changes the emojis to the :emoji: syntax.
To be honest the :emoji: syntax feels to me more nice to use in markdown.

Please implement this feature :heart:



Migrating my existing second brain over to Obsidian and have a lot of markdown emojis that I would love to be rendered correctly.

Just as a workaround in the meantime, you can use this espanso package: All Emojis - espanso hub - The Official espanso Package Repository


Thanks for the suggestion, but it doesn’t quite solve the issue for me.

Is there any chance this might be slipped into an update any time soon? As b3u mentioned, it would seem that all that is needed is to add the existing emoji package/library to the Markdown parser.