Add Desktop functionality to mobile

Use case or problem

This came up when I discovered tab stacking on my PC and went to do it on my Android and was not able to. The default method to switch tabs in mobile is to move all the way down to the bottom of the screen, tab the tabs, and tap the tab you want to go to. It’s slow and clunky.

Another thing you can do on desktop is grabbing tabs and dragging them to sit anywhere you please, including inside the collapsible status bar. I never use the right side bar anyway, and having it’s tiny list of useless features bound to right-swipe instead of a tab I nest there is really a waste of mobile gestures. These are just two features not available on phones, but I’m sure there are many others.

Proposed solution

There should be a toggle in Advanced Settings (put a warning on it if you want) that makes mobile run with the full feature set of desktop. It would not change the UI (that should be a separate toggle, between desktop/tablet/phone, available on all devices, see related FRs), it would only return the features and commands that were removed, and gives them back to the people that want them.

Current workaround

I’ve been told that on android, you can enable developer options and set your DPI higher to trick Obsidian into thinking it’s a tablet. This breaks every other app in the process, so can barely be called a “workaround” as it is missing the operative “work”, and it addresses only the tab stacking issue.

Related feature requests (optional)