Add an option to create new notes on current tab instead of a new one

Use case or problem

When I am adding information into my obsidian setup, I create a lot of new notes, but I have no interest in keeping them opened, I would like to be able to open every new note in the current tab instead of in a new one.

Proposed solution

If there was an option in the settings for this, even if with the current behaviour as default, it would not affect anyone else except for the ones that benefit from this.

Current workaround (optional)

Every once in a while I just use “close all other tabs”

Related feature requests (optional)


You can already. Use the quick switcher and use shift-enter, but I agree it’s cumbersome.


First of all, thanks!
That makes my life a bit easier ^^

I still think it would not hurt to be able to have it when using the “create new note” command as well…

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Yes, please!

I would also like to see the feature. :+1:

Tabs distract me and so far have not added value for me. Having this hotkey would give me my previous workflow back.

It will be great to disable tabs and use intellij idea style of dropdown with recent files, because during work with notes older ones will go away, it’s very usefull with rapid note taking and working on multiple projects

Dear All,
that would make a lot of things easier for me. Tabs are currently breaking parts of my workflow ( see Disable Tabs Altogether - #45 by JonnyMauser76).


Get rid of tabs completely… but until then + one more

+1 to this also

+1 - would be very helpful given tabs cant be disabled