Add an option to create new notes on current tab instead of a new one

Use case or problem

When I am adding information into my obsidian setup, I create a lot of new notes, but I have no interest in keeping them opened, I would like to be able to open every new note in the current tab instead of in a new one.

Proposed solution

If there was an option in the settings for this, even if with the current behaviour as default, it would not affect anyone else except for the ones that benefit from this.

Current workaround (optional)

Every once in a while I just use “close all other tabs”

Related feature requests (optional)


You can already. Use the quick switcher and use shift-enter, but I agree it’s cumbersome.


First of all, thanks!
That makes my life a bit easier ^^

I still think it would not hurt to be able to have it when using the “create new note” command as well…

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Yes, please!

I would also like to see the feature. :+1:

Tabs distract me and so far have not added value for me. Having this hotkey would give me my previous workflow back.

It will be great to disable tabs and use intellij idea style of dropdown with recent files, because during work with notes older ones will go away, it’s very usefull with rapid note taking and working on multiple projects

Dear All,
that would make a lot of things easier for me. Tabs are currently breaking parts of my workflow ( see Disable Tabs Altogether - #45 by JonnyMauser76).


Get rid of tabs completely… but until then + one more

+1 to this also

+1 - would be very helpful given tabs cant be disabled

+1 as well

+1 also!

+1 for this feature. But, sometimes I want to open in new tab and sometimes not. So I think if there is three different options, it would be great.

They are:-

  1. Don’t Open in New Tab
  2. Always Open in New Tab
  3. Ask preference before Opening

The third option is my preferred. When I create a new note. It will popup. Something like - “New Tab (Yes OR NO)”.

I think, It would be better if the same option will be available in opening internal links as well.

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Just to add another voice to this…

I’m a fan of tabs, I use them heavily in just about any app that will let me. But I came here looking for a way to turn them off in Obsidian. I think the reason behind this is because unlike in my browser, when I find that I’ve got 100 tabs open in Obsidian, I might not have deliberately opened any of them.

I think they probably mostly are being created when I create a new note, but who knows, there could be other navigational actions I take that open a note in a new tab when I don’t expect it to.

When you’re using cmd+N or the command palette to create a new note, it makes sense to switch focus to it, and to not lose what you had, doing that in a new tab also makes good sense. But I’m more often right clicking in my folder structure to create a new note. In that context I don’t really necessarily want to open it immediately, and I certainly don’t need another tab.

I’m sure you can come up with some solution. I use Obsidian largely because it can be customised to my needs, just not in this space yet.

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Exactly. I like the possibility to use tabs, but only when I choose to myself. The new-tab-for-new-file policy turns the tab bar into graphic clutter consisting of a long row of "X"es after a very short while.
Besides, in combination with the one-history-per-tab policy, changes the whole tab thing from something potentially useful to something utterly annoying and useless.

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Whenever I follow a link via hotkey BAM another tab. Want to navigate back? Nope, your new tab has no history. After a few days I’ve accumulated an endless number of tabs.

Why do I have to suffer through this? I want a single-threaded process, I had a single-threaded process. Look at Intellij, look at vscode. They had a tab-based workflow. Guess what? They introduced tab limits and preview tabs. Look at the browser market. They provide an abundance of plugins to manage your tabs. More tabs is simply not the right UX answer.

It’s not that big of a change. Either provide an off-switch for tabs or add the following hotkeys:

  • “Follow link under cursor (same tab)”
  • “Create new note (same tab)”
  • “Create new unique note (same tab)” (specific to unique note creator)

I had been pushing for adoption at my company. But the progress here is really disheartening.

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another simple hack is to create a unique note (it doesn’t open in a new tab) and then remove the unique identifier to replace with your file name. If you want the unique identifier then just leave it there. Or there may be a settings adjustment where it doesn’t insert an identifier? If someone wanted to create a plugin to create new note in same tab then perhaps the the unique note one could be modified. It feels like that might be easy.

A command/hotkey to create a note in current tab will be available in 1.2.7

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