Hotkey for "Follow link ... current tab"

Obsidian has previously switched to a tab-based workflow. Practically this meant that many hotkey spawned new tabs. Many users observed that this made their use of Obsidian more noisy. (see Disable Tabs Altogether)

Obsidian partially addressed this feedback by adding a hotkey for creating new notes in the same tab. With this users can now open notes and create notes in the same tab. (see Add an option to create new notes on current tab instead of a new one)

What is missing for a tab-free workflow is the ability to follow links in the same tab. For this we need a new “Follow link under cursor in current tab” hotkey.

In the absence of a general opt-out for tabs this becomes a necessary addition.

Tl;dr Please add a “Follow link under cursor in current tab” hotkey so that we can use Obsidian without tabs.

It already exists, it’s just “follow link under cursor”

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