Tab management commands

Use case or problem

Now that Obsidian supports tabs, tabs tend to proliferate over time. We need some commands to better manage tabs, particularly to close tabs.

Proposed solution

Add commands such as:

  • Close all tabs
  • Close all other tabs
  • Close all tabs to the left
  • Close all tabs to the right

Current workaround (optional)

The only way you can do these things presently is to manually close each tab by clicking on the X on the right side of the tab.


Close all other tabs already exists.

Or use the Close current tab hotkey, which is a lot faster than clicking Xs. Just saying, because you said “the only way”.

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No problem. Thanks for pointing that out. I was not aware of that command. And it would be nice to have the other commands that I suggested…IMHO. Cheers.

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Quick question: Is there a way to add close all tabs as a right-click command?