Add aliases to frontmatter by right click on a link with alias

Use case or problem

In languages different than English, where words can be in many forms - like feminine, masculine we can have many connection to one destination.

E.g. Names and Surnames have different forms e.g my name:
Darek, Darka, Darkowi, Dariusz, Dariuszowi, Dariusza

Now after/or during creating a new content I need to open destination files many times and manually add each form to aliases section of frontmatter.

This is time consuming and not effective for me.

Proposed solution

It would be nice to have the possibility to add to aliases saved in the frontmatter tag directly from a note. For example.

I can have a

    - file a

and in another I can put a link

some text [[|next alias to file]]

I would like to have the option to add this new alias to right from an editor.

My proposition is to add an action assigned to Right Click in the context menu named e.g.

Add as an alias in frontmatter

This action will create a new alias in the :

- file a
- next alias to file


Current workaround (optional)

  • manually add each alias to a destination file.

Or even better. To automatically add different variations of the same term as aliases to the frontmatter of the linked file.

For example, when we link file [[Dariusz|Darka]], Darka is automatically added as an alias to the frontmatter of file Dariusz. When in another file we want to link Dariusz by name Darka, we can do it just by doing this [[Darka]].

If a language has different forms of one word (declensions) that becomes very useful really quickly. Also handy for plurals of the same word [[Fish|Fishes]].