Automatically insert aliases into YAML frontmatter

For example,

when I type [[apple|apples]] in one note, and [[apple|favorite fruit]] in another note, I would love for it to auto-populate the [[apple]] page with:

aliases: apples, favorite fruit

This is so that in future, when I want to create a link, it is automatic.

Anyone else who also thinks this is really good?

One way this could be implemented can also be a dropdown menu that pops out whenever we try to create an alias for a link. with “Insert alias into page”.


Nice idea!


I also find this a very great idea! For some people using Obsidian in different languages it could greatly reduce friction. Feature requests and plugin ideas have been posted since Nov. 2020:
Add aliases to frontmatter by right click on a link with alias
Automatic update aliases metadata
Aliases, Inflection and Auto-Updating

Maybe we could get some traction for somebody to be interested in making this work :slight_smile:

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