A way to see what functions hotkeys are mapped to

Use case or problem

Say I want to map Cmd + j to something. When I do this, I don’t know if that key combination is already mapped to something, so I might clobber it. Further, there is no real way to know what hotkeys are mapped to what, and this becomes cumbersome when trying out various hot-keys to see what “feels right”.

To clarify, the menu currently in Settings>Hotkeys allows searching for function —> key-combination, but this feature request is for a way to search key-combination—>function.

Proposed solution

Have a way to “search by key combination” in Settings–>Hotkeys where, it allows you to press a key combination, and it lists all functions that it is mapped to.

This is a common feature in many IDEs and code editors e.g. Visual Studio, sublime text, etc. so maybe we can based it on those.

Current workaround (optional)


Related feature requests (optional)

None that I could find. Please let me know if this is duplicate, or related to something else that I might have missed!


I was just wishing for this today. It’s cumbersome now, but I see this becoming an even bigger problem as more and more plugins are developed that add new functions.

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When filtering in hotkeys settings, match also the hotkeys (e.g. “Ctrl+K”), not only the command names.
The same in command-palette.

Use cases

  • Safely checking what given hotkey does.
  • Eliminating redundantly assigned hotkeys.
  • Unifying hotkeys manually across applications

Proposed solution

For example searching for / typing “Ctrl+m” in Settings/Hotkeys dialogue will show also command(s) which have the hotkey assigned, not only the commands which have “Ctrl+m” in their name.

Current workaround

Delve into config file.

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I am a novice at this, but I am going to try to use Keyboard Maestro to make a list of command that I use when doing xx type project. I need a list like the one that appears with the Advanced chart plugin.

I am too old to remember all these hot keys. My fingers will not reach the keys while pushing down shift option command etc. So, I need a work around.

I think there is some way to pattern the hotkeys so they remind me which one goes with it. But, that is complex too.

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