Find what function a hotkey is already mapped to

Is there a way to search by key combination. That is, I type a key combination and see what command it is mapped to? This is really useful for users who are trying out various key combinations for a command until they find one that “feels right”.


There isn’t one yet, but I agree this would be useful: would you mind creating a #feature-requests for it?

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Are you looking to see what a shortcut already does in Obsidian, or are you looking to see if a shortcut activates something outside of Obsidian? In the second case, you’re looking for conflicts between Obsidian shortcuts and other software of the OS?

If you on are macOS, apps such as KeyCue can be helpful in looking for conflicts. Or ShortcutDetective, which is a bit cranky but can find things that KeyCue doesn’t know about.

Within Obsidian, of course, the Settings > Hotkey panel reveals most of what Obsidian knows about shortcuts.

Thank you @argentum. I’ve created a feature request here: A way to see what functions hotkeys are mapped to

@anon27868835. I meant the former: to see what a shortcut already does in Obsidian. Currently, the Settings>Hotkey panel only shows shortcut–>key-combination. But I’m looking for a way to search by key-combination, if that makes sense. This is a common feature in IDEs and code editors like Visual Studio, for example.

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