A Typora-like editing mode (edit and preview at the same time)

In the post I cited


I don’t see it, so maybe we’re not talking about the same post.

It’s your post (134 I think) in this thread, which points to a Licat Discord comment made last December, and which I cited earlier.

My comment #134 in December linked to a comment made by Licat in August last year in which he only said WYSIWYG won’t be hybrid but will be a 3rd mode, but he said nothing about timing there.

He mentioned the “end of the year” (i.e. 2020) elsewhere, though I cannot remember when.

In any case, even if we ignore that, the WYSIWYG feature has now been on the short-term roadmap for more than 3 months, which, to me, means the short-term is unusually long in this case.

I am not arguing against a long lead time if that is what it takes to develop something good. The devs have produced a fabulous app in an amazingly short period of time for which they deserve full praise. I have tried quite a few note-taking apps, and Obsidian is an absolute winner, even a killer app if/when WYSIWYG materializes.

I just find the use of “short-term” somewhat misleading here.


I’ll quote my reply from another thread about the function of the Trello roadmap:

The Trello roadmap is meant to give you a broad overview of what’s in the works, and it’s designed to be very high level, so our devs can avoid investing time on managing features there. As you may notice, there is quite a bit of development work going on, and the devs time is better spent there than on Trello.

Just like you said, the devs don’t make timing commitments for a reason. Short-term in this case is simply a way to let us know this will be/is being worked on next/now. Nothing more.

Please keep this thread focused on the feature itself, rather than the timing of it.

As for this, personally I’d advice patience! Mobile was no easy feat, but the devs delivered and surpassed expectations. Give it time! When wysiwyg comes out I’m sure it will blow our minds.


@argentum thanks for your reply. I’ll take inspiration from your last sentence.

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I’ve followed the development of Obsidian pretty closely, and the WYSIWYG editor has been on short term since a few months only. Considering the huge success that Obsidian is and how this is one of the most requested feature, this will without a doubt “see the light of day”.

I like the approach of the team that puts stability first. I’d rather wait a year and have an excellent bug-free WYSIWYG/Typora style editor, than have something rushed to the like of what some competitors are doing.

It will take the time it takes, there’s no rush anyway as Obsidian is very functional as it is (anyway as far as I’m concerned).


I like this very much. I hope OB can learn from it.

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If it helps, I think your memory of when the WYSIWYG card on the roadmap moved is incorrect. It updated after obsidian mobile was released mid-July. It’s only been a little over a month. The devs took a little time off and moved since then too. So a little patience and less negativity please.

@pmbauer I have no intention of entering into a discussion about this. I was not negative, I heaped praise on the devs, I was just surprised.

BTW, you act like a moderator here, like you have done with some others too. Is that your role?

+1 to this! It’s the only BIG feature missing that prevents me from fully adopting Obsidian.

I think what would be important here also would be having compatibility for plugins, so it wouldn’t just be a typora editing function. Also quite a few things to nail, like block transclusions, links, images, ane so on.

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Your problem with the alleged phrasing is noted and we can probably move on.

I do think discussion of what a wysiwyg editor truly entails under the hood will be interesting.

Now I like bear’s new scheme more and more.

Bear (and the new Panda update with markdown hiding - still in beta) has an impressively beautiful and smooth look and feel. I’d be delighted if the Obsidian devs would take that as inspiration.


@Fanshu: in other words, that is WYSIWYG.

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“WYSIWYG editor (like Typora)” on the roadmap has now been moved from short term to “Working on”!


OMG, so hyped for this!

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Wow! Awesome! Thanks for sharing. That is very new! I had just checked it like a day or two ago. Very exciting!!!

I just hope that we dont lose the ability to have a read-only view (what Preview Mode already does).