A Typora-like editing mode (edit and preview at the same time)

@TariqMK: Licat has said WYSIWYG will be a 3rd mode alongside Edit and Preview.


This really isn’t WYSIWYG (thankfully) as WYSIWYG implies the kind of restrictive page layout and detrimental layers of hidden coding you get from word processors and RTF editors.

This is really about suppressing the onscreen formatting facets that are seen in edit mode, such as underscores, hash signs, and asterisks.

Perhaps a new acronym of FSM for Facets Suppressed Mode? Did think of Formatting Facets Suppressed, but…


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This is music to my ears, thanks for confirming.

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Would really like to be able to toggle/or set default to show the backlinks at the bottom of the document as part of WYSIWYG.


Yep, really hope so too. And preferably with ability to collapse results as default.


Yeah same, I don’t understand why they decided to only enable bottom-page backlinks on a per-document basis…


Agree. And also, putting the backlinks at the bottom of the document makes much more sense from a UI perspective because it saves so much space. It’s quite counter-intuitive to need to open up the sidebar in order to look at linked references. It’s quite difficult to deal with multiple documents when that happens too.


I think this is one of the most important features that obsidian is missing. I want to preview my notes all the time and is not comfortable reading them in edit mode. Opening two panes at the same time is just a waste of space.

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A temporary workaround is the have a pseudo-WYSIWYG set-up for Edit mode. Of course it is not the real thing, but it is a lot better than Obsidian’s default set-up.

Absolutely - I love obsidian but everybody’s resistance to implementing this seems strange. It is what stands in the way of obsidian being adopted en masse because markdown and multiple panes instantly gives the impression of impenetrability.


Please see “working on” in the roadmap below.


Implemented in v0.13.0


Now that WYSIWYG option is available in Obsidian insider build, I am wondering what’s the difference between this and the WYSIWYG option available throughout plugins like Image in Editor and Code Mirror Options and others ?

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Hi, I am wondering will enabling the WYSIWYG option allow us to see in the editor mode any custom styling we have done to the internal links ?

For example like this css syle

.markdown-preview-view a[href*=“QUE”] {
color: teal !important;

.markdown-preview-view a[href*=“QUE”]::before {
content: ":mag_right: ";

The natural dates plug-in stopped working. You put @today and nothing happen…

Is this for the new insider build? Please report bugs about the build in the relevant thread in the insiders-desktop folder in Discord.

However, bugs for community plugins should be reported to the plugin’s Github repository.

How do I toggle live preview on? I can’t find any option to do so? Please help.

What version of Obsidian are you running? Have you enabled Insider builds?

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@Drakemoor : Settings > Editor > scroll down to the bottom.

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Thank you, I have found it. My problem was that there is no clear way to distinguish between the two modes (Preview and Live Preview).

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