A Typora-like editing mode (edit and preview at the same time)

Ozan’s Image in Editor Plugin also delivers some WYSIWYG

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Yeah, it’d be great, but it’s probably technically challenging. There must be a reason why typora is the only one. And typora is pretty sluggish.


  1. hashtags in headers &
  2. URLS

using CSS has made the editor view much cleaner for me (I use markdown, not wiki links)

Instructions here: Hide or Truncate URLs in Editor using CSS? - #7 by Silver

I dislike this as well.

I’m curious how you undo the auto edits. If you hashtag, space, and type, you now have a wysiwyg H1 header and the hashtag disappears - how do you erase the hashtag, or add to it? I feel like I’d be wrestling with the editor all the time.


Yep. It’s why I believe a plain button- and shortcut-based text editor (that works in markdown/HTML on the source in the background) would be the best solution here. No friction, no struggle. Just select a text, click a button/do a shortcut → format is applied or removed.

You can always go back to md and fix the source if you don’t like what the editor did.

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What do we all think about the Panda markdown editor that will be part pf Bear note taking app. Free beta download is here. Quite impressive how it works with making mark down invisible. I am impressed by the table implementation. Panda - The brand new editor for Bear | Bear App

See also: A Typora-like editing mode (edit and preview at the same time) - #179 by andyfreeland


It’s awesome seeing that the Obsidian team are currently working on a WYSIWG and that it’s now short term in their roadmap. In addition to a Typora-style edition, I’d love having an integrated toolbar (the same way it’s integrated on mobile, with shortcuts of the most used markdown features). That would make Obsidian more accessible to newbies, facilitate editing for some users/use case while having no impact on features.


@SuperDuperGroovy it’s been on their short term roadmap for quite a few months, so I personally am not sure it’ll ever see the light of day.

It was said to be out before the end of last year, then this year, but 8 months have gone by and an alpha-like version isn’t even out yet.

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Licat never said last year, and it wasn’t on the short-term road map until a few months ago.
He has said that he expects it to be before the end of the year, but not imminently.


Last year Licat definitely said it would be out before the end of the year, i.e. 2020. He or Silver even said it would be a 3rd mode in addition to Edit and Preview, and that it would be the default mode. I am very focused on WYSIWYG because I came from Typora, and am still using it for some minor work. I ardently hope we’ll get WYSIWYG

As for it being on the short-term road map, I cannot remember the exact month but it most certainly is more than 3 months, which means the notion of “short-term” is being stretched.

Now, I know the devs don’t make timing commitments and I fully understand that, which is why I did not make any comments when nothing appeared last year as the project remained long-term, despite the “end of the year” indication.

But when a project moves from long-term to short-term, to me that means its realization is imminent within the next 1-3 months.


Well, in December, he said

Once we add WYSIWYG, it’ll be just a 3rd mode you can choose (source mode, wisywig mode, preview mode).


No, he said it well before, otherwise “before the end of the year” indication would not make sense.

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From what i’ve observed, changes tend to be pushed out when they’re nearly almost complete. I don’t think I’ve seen a true alpha version yet of any feature pushed out. Give it some time - I’d rather have a nice working version than something incomplete.

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You quoted him yourself saying it in December

And for a period there was a debate of whether mobile or WYSIWYG would come first. They were both big pieces of work and mobile was also bringing Sync with it.
And it was explicitly stated that the API could delay other features, depending on how much support it required.
There’s a sequence and things have to work before something new is added.


In the post I cited


I don’t see it, so maybe we’re not talking about the same post.

It’s your post (134 I think) in this thread, which points to a Licat Discord comment made last December, and which I cited earlier.

My comment #134 in December linked to a comment made by Licat in August last year in which he only said WYSIWYG won’t be hybrid but will be a 3rd mode, but he said nothing about timing there.

He mentioned the “end of the year” (i.e. 2020) elsewhere, though I cannot remember when.

In any case, even if we ignore that, the WYSIWYG feature has now been on the short-term roadmap for more than 3 months, which, to me, means the short-term is unusually long in this case.

I am not arguing against a long lead time if that is what it takes to develop something good. The devs have produced a fabulous app in an amazingly short period of time for which they deserve full praise. I have tried quite a few note-taking apps, and Obsidian is an absolute winner, even a killer app if/when WYSIWYG materializes.

I just find the use of “short-term” somewhat misleading here.