Zoom in/out of Graph View

Hi. When I use Command - or Command + (the Mac zoom commands) my entire interface zooms in and out , not just the graph.
Hence the text of the graph, and the size of the nodes – ie what I see on the screen – gets smaller and smaller, but the ‘map’ itself does not zoom in and out.
I have seen videos of people zooming the graph rapidly in and out, to see the entire thought map, or to focus in on specific nodes.
Am I using the correct commands?

Didn’t know about Cmd -/= in Obsidian. I (and probably almost everyone else) scroll in the graph view to zoom in and out, which seems to do the rapid zooming you’re talking about.

Also, pinching with the trackpad also zooms the graph view as well as scrolling (scrolling with two fingers does not drag the graph view around)


Thank you. Amazingly simple solution, and one I should have thought of. Appreciate your help

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Is there no other option? For decades I’ve bound scroll wheel to page-up/page-down.