Writing in tree structure - The solution to long form writing (Gingko)

I’m looking into using excalidraw plugin for putting my zettles together. You can just drag the note into canvas and it shows a visual of that note on the canvas where you can even edit it. But I see how you can do the same thing with kanban too

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You still did a wonderful job thank you for even making the plugin. I don’t know a thing about coding


I’d suggest that everyone check out the way Workflowy (free) can instantly switch between an outline and a kanban view. It’s very effective. In principle, i can’t see any reason why a switch of view like this couldn’t be implemented in Obsidian. I suspect it would need a small database (eg json) to work smoothly.


This would be perfect. Are there any updates on this plugin?

I wouldn’t mind this being a paid solution at all.


Same for me, I wouldn’t mind paying for that solution - 10$ per month.

It would be awesome to have this directly into Obsidian. As said above, Obsidian and Zettels NEED this kind of plugin in order to write long form content! The synergy between discovering/producing new ideas and then creating long form ones would be ideal.


Perhaps we could put a bounty for this plug-in to be created?


I don’t know how to create this bounty, but absolutely eager to participate financially!

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New Gingko Desktop Beta~
Got email from Gingko @Adriano this moring , and just tesed the new Gingko desktop beta.
Not as powerful as the previous version, but it’s local markdown file based.
A good start. Keep moving…


I found a way to fix it (partially maybe) @xbeta @BetterVessel @Amin1

Put or copy the styles.css from github into css snippets and activate it