Writing in tree structure - The solution to long form writing (Gingko)

Hey guys,
Here’s an awesome idea
that I’d love to hear your thoughts on:

Writing in a tree structure

There’s an amazing app called ginkgo gingko

the concept is to be able to write in a tree structure with extreme ease and excellent shortcuts (using vim style shortcuts)

Here a demo

this is gingko, we can see how text is organized

Reinventing the way we write

The tree structure of writing makes long form writing a great experice.

Users of gingko have even wrote full books with this amazing structure!

Ginkgo Disadvantages that Obsidian could solve

Gingko is a great project and it’s open-source (not fully free though) the biggest disadvantage is that it doesn’t store files in local .md files

Which is a problem because we can’t easily integrate it with Obsidian and other markdown apps.

An Obsidian plugin would fully solve this issue.

Why an Obsidian Plugin

Like we’ve seen in amazing plugins like “Kanban” by @mgmeyers it’s possible to have this modular experience, where a markdown file can be visualized from a custom view, in this case kanban

I made a video on this if you are not familiar:

If gingko could become an Obsidian plugin we could have the best of both worlds

Who is this for?

For anyone who writes long-form content.

The tree structure of gingko is next level, once you try it, you want to be able to use this logic for every piece of content you write.

Making it happen

I’ve been talking with an amazing developer, his name is Artem and he is interested in making this idea a reality.

But first we need your help to make sure that this is something you’d like to use

Share your thoughts below, let’s make this happen


@ASommer I discovered Gingko thanks to you.
Let’s make this happen, would appreciate your take on this since I know you’d love for this to happen!

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I’m definitely interested in this, too. I’m an academic and, although Obsidian is great for organizing my thoughts and outline articles, I haven’t quite figured out how to write long pieces fluently in it yet.


Oh my goodness, this looks amazing! This would be a fantastic feature!

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I’ve played (a small amount) with Gingko, and liked it as a way of forming up thoughts as a second stage after atomic/evergreen notes. But I wanted to do it in Obsidian to leverage quoting, embedded, linking, all the Obsidian goodness - I’d definitely be keen on this.

And related, I was just looking at this New Plugin : a editable Mind map plugin for Obsidian plugin which although it’s displayed as a mindmap, is structurally very similar to what’s going on with Gingko (assuming you’re doing it all in one note, and if a node can be more than a single paragraph/heading/etc as it is in Gingko)


I am very interested in this, especially the prospect of having it running alongside the Git plugin.

What I especially like about Ginko is how you can quickly assess the ‘scope’ of a parent node and its children, the ability to ‘stage’ documents by reserving empty slots to be filled in later, the ease in which branches can be rearranged and the export feature (e.g. the whole tree, subtree or a column). If this could be translated into an Obsidian plugin, research and writing ability could be greatly extended.


So happy to hear I’m not alone wanting for this to happen!

I’ve been talking to @artem who is the hero that might help us make this plugin a reality!!

If you have any further ideas or thoughts on this, feel free to add them to this posts, it will help make this happen!

Thanks guys

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This would be awesome ! I totally would use it in order to write my master thesis. For the moment I didn’t find the perfect tool for the writing phase of my process, such a plugin would be game changing !

I used ginko for awhile and really loved the modularity. I’d definitely use an obsidian plugin that made writing in tree-form similar to ginko possible.

I would use the plugin! This is excelent for collecting news about politics and economics connecting the events to understand the world we live