New Plugin : a editable Mind map plugin for Obsidian

Hello everyone!

I recently released the enhanced mind map plugin for obsidian.


  1. edit node
  2. add or remove individual nodes
  3. drag node to another node
  4. undo/redo
  5. toggle between mindmap and markdown views
  6. synchronize data between boards

Github & Download

Enhanced mindmap




Looks great!

Do you plan to add this to the community plugins?


This is my question too :slight_smile:


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PR is submitted.


Thank you very much @markmind !

I can’t wait to start using your plug-in !

cc @Ampa

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Very promising! I’ve tried it out and I like it already, but I wish I could use the mouse to create new child nodes. I left an issue on your GitHub.
With time, this could replace other mind map tools for me :smiley:

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Fantastic stuff! I’ve been dreaming for 10 years to have a PKM notebook that allows visualization of my notes as mindmaps, and vice versa.

During note creation, different neurological pathways are activated when writing in outlines vs mindmaps. Your plug-in enables to tap into that fluidly.


How I use this great Markmind plugin.


This plugin is fantastic!

Great Plugin … well done. Interesting what you can do with Free Nodes and colored links.

Food Groups node and children are right aligned
Foods are left aligned

Links are drawn between the Foods and Food groups with link color roughly based on food group.

Thanks. Looking forward to the evolution of this plugin.


Hi there, your plugin looks very interesting. I wonder about possible extensions to the PDF annotating feature: Is there a chance to make this work for EPUB as well?
If this is not supported by PF js: do you think you can implement this in any other way?

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From the following page, I think EPUB annotation is already supprted on PC:

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Oh wow, I did not see that as I was looking in features, not in changelog. THANKS for the hint!