Workspaces (core plugin) + Obsidian Tabs: A Little Adjustment

Hello friends!

I recently discovered the Workspaces core plug-in and i’m having a great time!

I’d like to make a suggestion based on my usage of Workspaces with the absolutely amazing plug-in Obsidian Tabs from @forever

The combination of Workspaces and Obsidian Tabs is a fantastic time saver and something that I can’t live without.

In my opinion, Workspace needs a little adjustment to make the perfect combination with Obsidian Tabs.

Let me explain …

Obsidian Tabs has a feature that lets the user turn the plug-in ON and OFF. With this feature I can decide the best panel organization between each type of usage.

I have a Workspace for every type activity I do in Obsidian. For example:

  • For my Reading Workspace, I need Obsidian Tabs ON.
  • But for my Morning Routine Workspace, I need Obsidian Tabs OFF.

In other words, my suggestion is that Workspaces works in connection with Obsidian Tabs, remembering the Obsidian Tabs behavior (ON or OFF) when a Workspace is being created/saved.

This way, I don’t have to change the Obsidian Tabs status (ON or oFF) for each time I load one of my Workspaces.

I hope you find this useful and feasible. We have great panels-related plug-ins in our Community and would be a great feature if Workspaces could play/work together with all of them.

Thank for reading this.

Have a great day!


I would extend that to a toggle and saving plugins settings as a whole, not just tabs.

  • on the save/manage workspaces window a toggle: ‘save/apply current plugins settings’

  • when off just the panels are saved, like it is right now

  • when on all current plugin settings (checkboxes marked, dropdowns chosen etc) is saved/assigned to the workspace

  • opening saved workspaces that had settings assigned would imediatly turn on-off/ change settings to the state it was saved with

that way its broad and future proof, instead of changing things to work with 1 specific plugin