Workspace Plus is a session manager

Workspace Plus is a session manager.

Thanks to @NothingIsLost (edit to add @Johnny) developer. Might have inadvertently created the most killer feature for Obsidian’s multiple workflows by auto saving workspace state on switch. Even cooler after Obsidian V1 update that added tabs and refreshed the interface.

I was adding a feature request for Workspace Plus and figured my use case could be shared here.

Reason/use case: Now that Obsidian has tabs and smooth use of multiple panels I use a workspace as a session manager. With the auto save on, the workspace plus plugin remembers where I left off when switching to a new session/workspace, so I can pick up the context again.

This is great when I have a session saved for researching a project and can jump into a daily note/journal session or a weekly review session, or writing some quick notes, or planning a different project/working on a different project.

Each of these sessions has their own tab/pane config and files open, that change as I’m working and auto saved on switching to a new workspace/session. This means workspaces are not limited to a single saved state that is reverted to like the standard core plugin.

There is an indicator on the status bar that tells you your current workspace/session and opens dropdown/modal to switch/manage. I use hotkeys most of the time anyway, but the concept of a session manager could be game changing for others like it has been for me.

Edit to add link to the plugin github. Recommended for this workflow.

The forum is telling me there is a similar thread. It’s different but also interesting