Widgets for iOS app

I’d love to see a new_txt / new_audio_recording buttons on the iOS widget screen similar to 1Writer.


I’d love to get a few buttons on the iOS widget screen:

“create new doc in 2nd most recent folder” being high on the list.

Can the iOS widget screen feature CSS so we can customize what shows up?

I too would love to have an Obsidian widget. I think you could offer a small, medium, and large option. I’ve listed some basic ideas below.

Small: 1 to 2 User Specified Buttons – Example: “Create New Note” “Recent Note”
Medium: 3 to 4 User Specified Buttons & Stats – Example: “Total Number of Notes Created” “Number of Flags”
Large: Combination of the User’s Graph (not interactive, just visible at predetermined scale), Buttons, & Stats

Here is a screenshot example of the size selection.

There are a large number of great widgets we could look at to learn from. I personally use Widgetsmith all the time for a variety of options (photos, countdowns, calendar dates, etc.). The big take away here is how they allow you to add multiple options for the widget itself.

Here is a screenshot from this section within the widget.

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Dear all, just popping in here because I am testing out Obsidian and considering migrating from Evernote to Obsidian.

Since Obsidian focuses on the speed in which you can create and load notes,

I would love to see an iOS widget:

  • Something as simple as a “Create New Note” button would be perfect for me, but

  • Evernote has a nice robust widget:
    Evernote Widget

  • An Obsidian widget could look similar, and in this single widget incorporate the various requests on the forums including:
    +Shortcut to create a new text note (as mentioned by user Implicit above)
    +Shortcut to create a new audio note (as mentioned by the OP)
    +Create New Daily Note (as requested by this user)

Also, I wonder if this topic can be moved to the feature request category (or if that matters).

If anyone has suggestions of a workaround to achieve any of this in the mean time, I would love to know! I poked around the iOS Shortcuts feature, but that doesn’t seem to have anything useful in this case…

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Now (iOS 16) that there are Lock Screen widgets, a button to open daily note would be awesome


This would be absolutely fantastic to see. On mobile my main Obsidian workflow is capturing stuff. Jotting down a quick note or taking a photo right into Obsidian would be gold.

iOS Lock Screen widgets are perfect for this.

I’d love to see

  • a single-size lock screen widget for adding a new text note that opens the editor in a new note in the inbox (configurable in settings I guess) and
  • a single-size lock screen widget for quickly snapping a photo that’s put directly into the inbox.

See attached image for examples.

Capture is Obsidian’s weakest point on mobile at the moment in my opinion. Widgets like these would make Obsidian totally killer!

Please please please please! :slight_smile:

Very good points! Evernote is super strong in this regard and definitely an app to take hints from.

I’d add quickly taking a photo to the list.

And widgets on the lock screen too!

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Will it be possible?

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I am waiting for it too.:dancer:

I too would love to see a “new note” or “open daily note” widget made available. This would be very useful.

Given that this requires some lower-level access to iOS native APIs, I’m not sure this can be accomplished with the existing plugin system.