iOS widget for daily note

The recent addition of widgets for Bear made me wish I could have daily notes from obsidian in a widget on my iOS homescreen.

I currently use 1writer with Dropbox to manage my Obsidian vault from iOS, but it doesn’t support widgets (yet).

Do you guys know of any way to create a widget that pulls in the content of the daily note of the current day? Preferably rendered markdown, but plaintext would be awesome too.

A vague idea that’s probably not be very helpful: Scriptable, which is a bridge between iOS APIs and a JavaScript scripting engine, could perhaps pull the content of your daily note from Dropbox and display it on a widget. Here’s a thread of marvelous ideas for Scriptable widgets:

What I do know is that with Apple Shortcuts I have designed a template that creates and opens a note/(Zettel) with Tags and Headers in 1Writer on my iPad Pro, immediately. It is then available in Obsidian on my MacMini whenever I get to it. Each, 1Writer and Obsidian, are synced to the same folder in iCloud. And, 1Writer has a Widget. YMMV

Thanks! I’ve been trying Scriptable out, I feel like this is probably going to have to be the way.

1writer has a widget? Are you on beta?

In case anyone stumbles upon this

I found this article about an app that allows pulling text through shortcuts:

Haven’t tried it out yet, but this should work with 1writer

No, I’m using iPadOS 14.1 Public Release. If you have 1Writer installed, on the Home Page swipe to the bottom of the Widgets list, select edit, select customize, scan down the list for 1Writer (if it’s not already in the top section list select the green icon to add it to the available selections, then add it to the Home Page list.

Ah yes that’s the legacy Today widget. I’m talking about the iOS14 homescreen widgets. But thanks!