Widgets for Android app


replying to keep the feature request alive!



AAAAA I desperately NEED IT!

+1 this would be huge for me! I want to switch over from Google Keep to using Obsidian only but a home screen widget for my daily note is a necessity :S

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+1 to this request - it will be amazing to be able to capture thoughts fast via wedge like google keep app

OMG yes to “display the contents of a note in a resizable widget”!

Please please please enable users to change the font size and the amount of whitespace in the widget. Some people need big fonts and lots of whitespace for accessibility reasons. I need my homescreen notes tiny and dense, to save room for other stuff (which ultimately is an accessibility thing for me too). And lots of people like it somewhere in the middle.

…really wishing this was solved!

+1 for this

It would be the cherry on the cake!

If we can support this idea by pledging some financial incentive, I’m up for it.

Thanks for all the amazing work.

I’d really like widgets too…
Currently I find myself using Obsidian on multiple platforms, as second brain(I have CCAS and memory problems because of that).
Quickly noting stuff down in a todo list or on a daiyly note works great on my desktop, but feels slow and cumbersome on the phone.
Adding notes, or being abke to add to predefined notes via a widget would be a great improvement.
Even if that means not all plugins/themes are loaded for that view to speed up note-taking, it’s getting in Obsidian and that’s important!

At the moment I enter my todos and notes in a notepad, having to manually add it to obsidian later(if I don’t forget).

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Okay I’m too eager for that so I attempted to made a fanmade solution, here a small ad:

It has been 2 or 3 years we have requested this feature, with no response at all. Rather than waiting, let us just do it on our own right now.

Yet another +1. This would be incredible


This is the biggest hurdle to full adoption of Obsidian. There simply must be the ability to at least view the contents of one note, and tap it to enter the given note for editing in the Obsidian app.

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+1 would rly like a ‘create new daily note’ widget

I want to fully switch to obsidian but I absolutely need just a basic widget to shortcut me to create daily note or something

We really need a widget like the Amplenotes one.

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