Widgets for Android app

Use case or problem

Currently the Android app has no widget support. Adding a few basic widgets would be immensely helpful for quicker access to high-use notes and help with overall app usability.

Proposed solution

I think there are 2 widget types that would be extremely helpful to start:

  1. Widget to display a note and contents

This widgets would be used to display the contents of a note in a resizable widget. The title of the note would be in a header at the top. Clicking on this would open the app directly to the note

  1. Widget to link directly to a note

This one would be simple link to a specific note which would only display the note name. When clicked it open the app directly to the note.

Current workaround (optional)

There currently is a workaround for the second widget I mentioned which involves using the Tasker app. Although I think it could be a lot more seemless if it was built in native to the app.

There currently is no workaround to the first widget I mentioned, other than use another app. And having notes across multiple apps is hard, and annoying, to manage. An android app that does have a good example of this type of widget is ColorNote.

Related feature requests (optional)



+1 to this request - I would particularly love to be able to display my daily note in a widget!


Well, there’s at least three of us who want this!

File contents displayed in a widget box would be super useful for things like list access without needing to launch the whole app.

Icons that take you to a specific file would be great for jumping right into whatever project I’m trying to work on, without needing to go through the song and dance of load, wait, search, find, open.

I’ve done the whole “make it work with URIs & Tasker,” but it’s a hassle, requires too much work to use regularly, and has issues if you click a shortcut-icon when you have another file already open in Obsidian.


Widgets would be great, both list widgets as well as for specific notes.

Also check out these feature requests on the same topic:


Those are great, but because the author on the 2nd one marked it as solved, it’s no longer open. It isn’t really solved, as his method requires a ton of work and manual hassle.

Is my assumption that closed inquiries are not examined for feature request correct? If so, we should keep this one open & pile it high with the upvotes as well.

But I don’t know how this forum/Obsidian handles these kinds of things, so… ? I’m open to learn from anyone who knows!

I guess this fr goes for iOS as well.
Would love to see Lock Screen widget for iOS 16

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This would be great! In addition, it would be awesome to have a widget to quickly capture some text / audio and have it appended to a preconfigured note (e.g., an “Inbox” note).


I really hope they add widgets soon

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I would also really like easy access to common tasks, like adding a to-do item, or creating a new note with a template. I can setup something like that using tasker as well the trouble is that this has to open Obsidian, which take some time. It would be great if those can be tasks to add on the background so that you can also queue them. I guess what I am asking is a shortcut to an Obsidian command on the home screen!


I found a project yesterday which seems to be a good start.

The author says the main purpose is to use it with Obsidian, so it might be worth supporting the project. Last update 3 months ago, still very rough and buggy, but hey, better than nothing :wink:


Definitely widget is a must. I’m suprised there is no phone widget by now.

I currently use Obsidian sync between two computers but the lack of an android widget is stopping me from using Obsidian on my phone. A big vote towards a similar widget to what Colornote currently provides - i.e. a resizable widget that shows the note, rather than just being a button to open the app.


I’m desperately trying to find a way make that but it does not exist yet

Aye, I would love something like that as a new feature!

+1 from me.

+1 for me, great help!


I’d also like a folder view personally

A widget to add quickly new notes would be great too.
I added a heart to the original post to support this FR


+1 for me, having a widget to show a note would be great

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I’m looking for solutions to this for years now
I, very of often, catch myself switchimg between different apps and integrations, and end up at the same spot where I started. All because of no solutions from Obsidian.
It seems that the time has come for developers to explore their ideas and potential, for everyone to finnaly exit this wheel of series unsuccessful workaround attempts.
Obsidian need a to wake up for mobile experience.

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