My Personally-developed Android Widget to View Obsidian Vault

Glad to introduce my personally developed home widget to view a vault, after nearly a month’s work:

Homescreen Obsidian Vault

as a community solution for this feature request

But there’s some differences between them. This widget is proposed to view the whole vault and provide a visual impression and quick access to our note knowledge base. Not displaying too much contents, nor provide todo list — I personally use other apps(Shiguangxu) to manage my todos. That app also provide a widget for viewing notes, but it only display a 3xN grid, cannot make stars and show folder structures. So finally I’d made it by our own.

The widget is just done yesterday and is still testing and adjusting — But you could still download a preview in “releases” of this Github Repository, and please welcome to try it out and discuss and give feedback or any valuable suggestions for enhancements!

Also I’m not professional in Android dev - In fact it’s my first time to develop an Android project, and I’m making it under assistants of Gemini-Pro and Google Search. If any Android professionals could give enhancements / architecture insights and suggestions I’ll never appreciate it too much.

And I don’t think I have a genius mind in UI designing, so if you have any idea about how the UI could be redesigned more comfortable welcome to advice here!

Furthermore, if you’re also as enthusiastic as me welcome to collaborate on this project together!


hi !

Thank you !

i’ve tried it.
It’s a good start, but there’s still a lot missing to make it user-friendly.
Too bad I’ve never coded for Android, otherwise I’d have tried to help you.

Wow thats amazing, But As Esteff said, there is a need for improvement in user experience, I can help you in guiding UI/UX design. As I am Working with the best UI/UX design service company

Wow this looks amazing! Great job :muscle::cowboy_hat_face:

Hi thanks for all your feedbacks! And apologise for mindlessly neglet this project for a peroid of time.

Also thanks for your offer My Personally-developed Android Widget to View Obsidian Vault - #3 by jack_098

I made this project (or this draft-like thing) with the thought that Android dev should be as easy as other frontend platforms while I already have multiple other frontend techstacks.

But after some longer interact with Android development now I feel rather down for it. Google’s platform is often found not well-documented, unclear-guided, and imperative with no reasons.

There’re too many times I thouaght a plan can be implemented in the Android platform but turned out to be obstruted by it saying “No you can’t do this way you must do this odd thing that odd thing and that idkwhat wierd thing only in this way it could magically works”.

There’re too many so-called “advanced android skills” on the Internet while they are actually trivial unevolvable tricks leverging, exploiting or even oppositing the Android framework.

Glance. Hilt. Compose. Gosh tell me why they can’t work in a clear & intuitive way.

Well in a word now I’m a bit irritated with Android.

Another noteworthy point is that Android widget is giving limitations on homescreen widgets, like difficult to animate, forbidded to swipe horizontally, and more…

Whats worse I used to think it would act as a powerful “file browser” of the vault, but now the project haven’t unleashed its doubtable potential, and at the time I myself even started feeling the Obsidian’s side-swipe explorer already gives me enough sense of my vault space.

So @jack_098 Im afraid your strength could be hardly shown in this Android homescreen widget project.


  • Maybe the project could be transferred to HarmonyOS and see if it can support more powerful widgets.
  • Or the project could shift focus to other possible demands in android obsidian-assisting widgets.

Anyway thanks again!