Why does the interface look blurry?

I started the program for the first time and noticed that all the labels and the interface itself look very blurry. The effect may increase or decrease, it is not clear why.

Restarting the program and changing the theme did not help.

How to fix it?

What OS?

There is a similar thread here for MacOS: Blurry window and text - #23 by yasar84782

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Thanks for the answer, but I have Windows 10.

I just updated the graphics card drivers and the OS itself, to no effect.

A few folks I’ve seen are having this with hardware acceleration enabled under Obsidian’s settings->About.

I’m guessing you have a NVidia graphics card. I’ve run through enabling high performance in Windows 11, turning off FXAA in the control panel, and working through the ClearText function, and all that worked was disabling the Hardware Acceleration.

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