Which-key for Obsidian

I love obsidian, and I love keyboard shortcuts. I think they make me more productive. However, I find myself using the Command Palette more and more, and I realize that the reason is that I don’t know the shortcuts that I made, or even the default ones that are built in. While I’m still very productive, I just wish that there was a plugin to show me all my shortcuts in one place, as I type them(using the leader hotkey plugin and vim mode), along the lines of which-key.nvim or the associated Emacs plugin. Is there a way to do this in the current APIs, is someone doing this already, or have I just missed the plugin somewhere? Thanks!

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Agreed, I would also like such a plugin.


In the meantime I took the hotkeys.json file found in the .obsidian folder on my Android phone and converted it to .txt using:

This is quite readable with some tweaking until I find a better solution:

EDITOR:swap-line-up >>> Ctrl+1
Mod key 1

EDITOR:swap-line-down >>> Ctrl+2
Mod key 2

EDITOR:toggle-fold >>> Ctrl+3
Mod key 3

EDITOR:fold-all >>> Alt+ArrowLeft
Alt key ArrowLeft

EDITOR:unfold-all >>> Alt+ArrowRight
Alt key ArrowRight

HOTKEYSPLUS-OBSIDIAN:toggle-bullet-number >>> Ctrl+4
Mod key 4

WORKSPACE:split-vertical >>> Ctrl+Shift+V
Mod Shift key V

WORKSPACE:split-horizontal >>> Ctrl+Shift+H
Mod Shift key H

OBSIDIAN-FULLSCREEN-PLUGIN:fullscreen-focus >>> Alt+F
Alt key F

WORKSPACE:close-others >>> Alt+W
Alt key W

EDITOR:focus-right >>> Ctrl+Tab
Mod key Tab

EDITOR:**focus-left ** >>> Ctrl+Shift+Tab
Mod Shift key Tab

To have the above always at hand I’m considering installing the Workbench plugin.

Interesting idea! That does seem a bit complicated at the moment, though.

This might help.

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That’s not quite what I’m looking for. If you look at the attached plugins, they come up as you type, and filter hotkeys based on what you type. That’s a cool dataview, and I may put it in a dashboard for me, but it’s not quite what I’m looking for.

Yes, it is a bit complicated; after getting hotkeys.json from the .obsidian folder …

json-to-text … needs a bit of tweaking

json-to-table … produces a markdown table that I need to learn how to customize

json-to-yaml … can be folded either with my ALT+ArrowLeft hotkey or the tweaked obsidian-advanced-toolbar. (I’ll put this in the starred or workbench plugins)
Here it’s shown on my Android tablet with all keyboards blazing …

… but hopefully somebody will come up with your show as you type plugin :slight_smile: