When search box is hidden then pressing F3 should display it like in Google Chrome

Use case or problem

Search in file requires to deal with more hotkeys than necessary for given functionality.

Proposed solution

Option 1:
If F3 is NOT assigned as custom hotkey (which can be done by editing the config file), then behave as e.g. in Google Chrome on Windows 7.
When search bar is displayed, then jump to next instance. When search bar is not displayed, then display the search bar.

Current workaround

Need to use another hotkey to display search box/bar which is slower.

Related feature requests

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The option above is better than now but the same can be achieved by more flexible approach described as Option 2.

Option 2: Even better alternative:
Add customizable hotkeys “Find Next” and “Find Previous” with default bindings “F3” and “Shift+F3”.
When “F3” is assigned also to another command (e.g. “Search current file”), then execute that only when search bar is hidden. When search bar is displayed then “Find Next” can be executed and so should consume the pressed hotkey.

This method will allow me to assign “F2” for “Find Previous” which is more ergonomic than “Shift+F3”. When search bar is hidden, then “F2” can trigger other assigned action. So can adjacent “F3”. I use F2, F3 e.g. in EmEditor.

This assumes having some default or customizable precedence order for commands. Perhaps this could be solved by some hotkey manager plugin/extension if that is feasible with available API.