What does pane-linking do?

In the 0.7.0 release notes there is the following line:

Panes can now be manually linked to another pane using an option in the more options menu

I understand how to do this and can link panes. But what does linking panes do/mean in practice?

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While linked the two (or more) panes will share the same note.
And they sync scrolling.
Let me know if this answers your question.

Thanks for your reply! So this is used when you want to see the same note in two panes and sync its scrolling.?

Yeah mainy when you want to edit the note and see the preview at the same time.

The only way you could do it before (which is of course still usefull) was by Ctrl Click (Preview/Edit) on the current note and it would open the same note (linked), but it would open next to it (at it’s right or under it).

How it works now you can link it to any other pane, which gives you even more flexibility on how to organize your ‘space’.

Also now realised that when I move Backlinks to a separate pane, then I need to link it to the main note window in order for the backlinks to update when I open a new note. So that is another use case.

I hadn’t noticed that.
But If you want a pane with the backlinks of a specific note(pane) synced, it might be better to open a backlinks pane through “three dots”->“Open backlinks” of the specific note.
If you do it that way it’s already linked!

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How do you link a note’s editing and preview panes such that they scroll together? Help says this effect is by default but doesn’t say how to achieve it. Ctrl/Command+click does not have this result. Thanks.

In my case it does.

@MarkCameronHarris You have to ctrl/cmd-click on the pencil icon in top-right of screen.

However, my problem @Meins and others, is that I cannot link different pages/files in either editing or preview mode. When I link the two desired panes, as soon as I start scrolling, the pane in which I do not scroll changes to be the preview of the scrolled pane.

Can anyone else replicate this?

My desired use case: Translation. English preview mode in one pane. Linked edit mode in other language in other pane. But I don’t know enough about coding/CS to understand if/how panes could be scroll-sync-linked when content could vary completely. Can headings be linked to maintain placeholding?

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Thanks! That’s what I was missing.