Obsidian Release v0.7.0

Shiny new things

  • We’ve rebuilt the pane system entirely, adding lots of functionality and flexibility to the way you can interact with your notes:
  • Panes can now be rearranged by dragging the icon in the top left of the pane. Dropping onto each of the four sides of an existing pane creates a horizontal or vertical split, dropping in the center swaps positions.
  • Panes can now be moved to sidebars as well, and sidebars can be repositioned in the same way. A drop onto a the top or bottom of the sidebar will create a vertical split, a drop in the center creates a stack of tabs that can be switched between. (Before you ask, no, you can’t easily rearrange tabs yet, we’re working on that.)
  • Panes can now be manually linked to another pane using an option in the more options menu (the three dots icon in the top right corner of the pane).
  • You can now open backlinks for a specific file pane in the more options menu, which will be linked to just that file. There’s also an option for it in the Command Palette.
  • Depending on your settings, some sidebars may not show up initially in the new panel system (most notably Starred Files). If this happens, just disable and re-enable the plugin and they’ll come back.


  • We now default to “Readable line length”, so that things are more readable on wide screens. This can be turned off in Settings -> Editor. And, yes, the exact width can be adjusted in custom CSS.
  • The editor has a more noticeable tab delimiter.
  • Contrast in dark mode default CSS has been adjusted for better readability.
  • We had previously tried to add legacy fallback for graph view on older hardware. This time we actually did so.
  • Custom CSS can now be enabled from Appearance tab. Community themes can also be accessed from there directly.
  • We added a search filter on the hotkeys settings tab, because there are now lots of hotkeys.
  • And we added a hotkey to open the help docs, F1 by default.

No longer broken

  • In Mac OS there was a bug that caused crashes when trying to record audio. We fixed that one, but:
  • IMPORTANT: IF YOU ARE ON MAC OS YOU MUST RE-DOWNLOAD THE DMG INSTALLER for v0.7.0 or later AND RE-INSTALL for this bug to be fixed. If you don’t care about audio recording, though, it shouldn’t matter, the auto-update will still work. Re-installing will not affect your data in any way though, so there’s no reason not to do it.
  • There was a bug where malformed links would cause the app to go blank. Now it just doesn’t work, as it shouldn’t.
  • A memory leak in graph view has been plugged.
  • We fixed the bug where non-breaking spaces in filenames would cause unpleasant behavior.
  • Relatedly, we fixed the bug where filenames with accented characters and CJK characters were causing trouble on MacOS. In summary: Unicode is weird.