Voice typing not working for bullet points on Android

Hello. For some reason my voice typing doesn’t work for bullet points and headers. It stops typing after a single word. For some, reason it’s able to type regular text just fine - it’s just the bullet points, headers, or anything with formatting that it has issues with. Anyone know why?

I recently installed MS Swift keys and Yandex keyboards, but I uninstalled them. Could they have messed with my settings? I’m at a loss because it was working fine a couple days ago.


Sounds like it could possibly be related to Cursor ends up before the letter on android Samsung keyboard which happens in bullet points, but maybe not.

I actually have a OnePlus 7t phone. And the issue only happens while voice typing. Perhaps the issues are related though.

I also think the recent app update may be the cause…

It’s probably separate from that issue then.

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I have the same issue on my Android 14 / Samsung 22.

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This describes my experience perfectly. Regular unindented text is fine. But with bulleted text or headings, it stops after a single word even if I speak quickly.

I think this might be an issue with the update because I had no issues a couple days ago.

Same issue. Is there a bug opened for this ?

On my phone, I also have the option to choose voice typing rather than hitting the microphone button on the keyboard. If I do that under a bullet point or heading, it immediately closes. I have no issues in other apps.

Given the timing of this showing up, I may downgrade my obsidian version to 1.5.8 . A user mentioned doing that in this post Cursor ends up before the letter on android Samsung keyboard - #41 by jakpri . Even though that issue is different than this one, there were a lot of keyboard related changes made in 1.5.9 . Currently none of the major android keyboards are fully functional. Samsung, gboard, and swiftkey. If it is possible, all of these keyboard related changes should be rolled back until a fix can be made.

I believe there isn’t a bug report yet, but as always search first to be sure.

No bug report opened yet. Could you open a report? I’ve been meaning to but my hands have been tied. Feel free to link to this thread.

Much appreciated. :pray:

No need i will move this thread

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Thats what causes that?! That has been driving me crazy lately.

Haha I feel you. I spent a whole day messing with my settings, uninstalling, and reinstalling apps to try and get voice typing to work. But it turned out to be the recent update that was the problem.

I have a fix for this and we will be releasing it very soon. It will come in v1.5.12.


It seems to be working fine now. Thank you!

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