V1.2.1 Introduced Rename with alias bug

Renaming files causes related links to fail


The devs are aware. Will be fixed in the next build. :+1:

Is there a way to revert to 1.2.0 for now?

For those who, like me, fear messing up their links: I switched off Settings > Files & Links > Automatically Update Internal Links for now.

Also, the intended functionality is unclear to me. The only use case I can imagine for it is with upper/lowercase, but changing file name fish to whale doesn’t cause [[fish|Fish]] in another file to become [[whale|Whale]], which would be useful. In fact, with this bug, it becomes [[whaleFish]] , which seems to indicate that the functionality I just described was not aimed at.

When renaming an image that has been given an alternative title using the pipe operator:

![[my_image.png|This is my image]]

The link gets updated, but with the pipe removed:

![[renamed_image.pngThis is my image]]

When it should have been

![[renamed_image.png|This is my image]]

I can reproduce this in a new vault without plugins on Obsidian 1.2.1

Ah, this seems to be the same bug. I only searched around for ones related to images. I will close this report then. Thanks!

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will be fixed in 1.2.2

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