Uppercase lowercase

Simple combination of keys (toogle) will change highlighted text to upperase or lowercase.


+1 to this one! It would be a very helpful improvement.

I’m missing this feature too

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This would be great! +1

Could be a 5-way toggler:

  • lowercase
  • Sentence case
  • Title Case
  • back to original

And of course not only for the [A-Za-z] range, but according to Unicode rules correctly for all languages.

Hee hee. :slight_smile:

Or we’d need even more hot keys.


‘Back to original’ is tricky. You’d have to persist the original state forever.

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Right. Maybe undo is good enough.

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Is there some workaround, until this feature arrives?

A workaround (with inline LaTeX) has been found here: Subscript - #2 by s-kyy

If you wanted to do CO2 with the 2 in lowercase, for example, you would write $CO_2$ or $CO_{2}$

For uppercase you’d do $CO^2$

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It looks like the Text Format extension for Obsidian can format the selected text into UPPERCASE, lowercase, Title Case, etc.


This works for me as an workaround
Thank you very much !

The Smarter Markdown Hotkeys plugin by pseudometa can toggle between lower case/initial cap/all caps. You can add any keybinding you want—I used the same one MS Word uses.

+1 for a main feature that would be available through the commands menu

This feature would be much appreciated!

!!! SOLVED!!!

Use “Text Format” plugin and bind its toggle case command to a key.

As @dylan_k pointed this out. I just wanted to highlight that the feature is there!

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