Upload image to specific server or web

When I paste the image into file, it can automaticly upload the image to specific server or web。


Hi @lin. I recently created a plugin which uploads image to imgur.com: Imgur plugin for pasting images

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Thanks! That’s a wonderful plugin!

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Your Imgur plugin is great, Do you have plan for a Chevereto plugin ? an open source image hosting software for self host.

Hi @limaor. I personally do not have any plans right now, imgur covers my needs. But if there is a significant demand, I can think of extending the plugin with some other hosting provider.

It’s the first time in my life I hear about Chevereto. What could be the advantages of using Chevereto instead of pasting right to default Obsidian Vault?

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Chevereto is an open source image hosting software, it could be used to build a self-hosting image website.

I want to write a blog with Obsidian and publish it using Hugo, Jekyll, etc. Using Chevereto can easily control image resources and not easy to lose.

Now I see your point in using self-hosted solution (Chevereto).

But as I said, in nearest future, I would unlikely add other images hosting providers to the plugin, especially while there is a request only from a single person.
You can do 2 things:

  • open a discussion and see if anyone else would support the idea of adding Chevereto and or other image hostings. If there will be a demand, I will consider extending the plugin (which will unlikely happen in the nearest future, but it is still worth opening a discussion)
  • to achieve your goal right now you can fork the plugin and change it to support Chevereto (there is already one fork supporting other self-hosted solution). I am sure there is not that much effort to replace one upload request/response handling with another :slight_smile: