Typomagical - A theme for typographic appreciators

Thanks, it helped. It looks a tiny bit weird because question marks and such are a bit smaller than text but it works.

I hope I won’t have to bother you anymore. :wink:

Thanks a lot :+1:

Thank you, I really enjoy using this theme, especially the Ficus Ruby color scheme!

Edit: I’ve started using Spectral on my e-reader. If there’s some other typefaces for screens that you really like, I’d love to hear about them!


Hi all, it’s been a while! I’m releasing some small quality of life updates today as Typomagical 1.1:


  • Links: Change default Link font from Spectral SC to Alegreya SC, which has a shorter x-height and should be easier to read.
  • Added a Style Setting to change link font from Alegreya SC to Spectral, which is the same as the body text.
  • Added an option to use Circled Numbers for Ordered Lists:


  • Add Vileplume’s blockquote as an option

  • Add an option for justified text
  • Control line height with style settings


  • JAG’s Ficus Ruby changes
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Typomagical v1.2

Hi everyone! For version 1.2 I’ve added some new settings for you to play with:

  • Sans Serif body font as an optional new setting. I’ve chosen Source Sans Pro, because it has an x-height that matches Spectral, and it has a curly lower case “L” which I enjoy
  • Gradient on H1/Title as an optional new setting. See how it looks above! For now it looks best with dark themes, while I tweak the colours.
  • Background color - Pick whatever color you like!
  • H1 alignment - Now you can left align the title

Hope you’re all enjoying Typomagical :slight_smile:

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This is a really nice theme. Do you have any recommendations for a mono spaced font?

Try this… Programming Fonts - Test Drive

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Thank you so much, and thank you for the interesting question!

I happen to like Fantasque Sans Mono, because it comes in a Nerd Font variant which I can use with my terminal prompt!

That said, I think for fun, you should try this challenge: https://www.codingfont.com/

The reason I think this test is so good is because this website forces you to look hard at fonts and decide for yourself what you like. Subtle things like your operating system and your monitor can cause you to dislike a font that someone else may have liked, and vice versa

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Thank you for your response.
The question probably should’ve been a mono spaced font that goes nice with the fonts of the theme.
I’ll give your recommendation a try :+1:

If you haven’t found one by now, I highly recommend MonoLisa (paid font–I am not an affiliate), Fira Code and JetBrains Mono. Those you can download for free from Google Fonts.

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This theme is so lovely, thank you @hungsu!

I’m having a small issue with unresolved backlinks in headings. If I have a link to a file that doesn’t exist yet embedded in an H1 line, it’s invisible in Reader mode. Is this an intentional design choice, or a setting I can toggle? I’ve included screenshots of the Reader and Live Preview views, respectively, in case what I’m describing doesn’t make sense.

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Hi there, I’m so very sorry I didn’t see this earlier - this thread has been quiet so I don’t check it quite so often, and notifications don’t seem to work for me. This is not an intentional design choice, and I can investigate soon!

I’ve written your issue here as it’s easier for me to track on Github: Link to file that doesn't exist in H1 is invisible in reader mode · Issue #43 · hungsu/typomagical-obsidian · GitHub

Thanks for looking into it! I guess I should sign up for a GitHub account so I can post questions in their proper place. Still, totally love the theme, I’m using it across four devices and it’s just the best.

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Thank you for such high praise! :pleading_face:

I think I’ve resolved the problem with links to nonexistent files. It seems to only happen if vertical gradient on heading is turned on. It should work now!

I love the vertical gradient. What a nice touch!

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I’m pleased to announce Typomagical 1.3!

Featuring, font weight sliders! Set the thickness of Titles, Headings, Bold, and body text all separately! You can see the adjustable Title weight in action above. This feature was added in response to a couple of things:

  • Some users reporting body text being too thin to read
  • My observation that the same text thickness can appear different on different screens, most notably when switching from Windows laptops to Macbooks

In addition I’ve moved the Settings modal to the bottom of the screen, so you can see your text more easily while you tweak the weight.

This update rearranges and breaks old Style Settings, so you will have to set those again.

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Thank you for such a brilliant theme!

I have a question: how can I set different font sizes for the interface text and for the body text in the notes? I can’t seem to find a class targeting the interface text only.

I have poor eye sight so I set the font size in the body quite large, but then, on mobile, the menu text and especially quick switcher text become too large and won’t show the whole url of notes.

Hi there, I’m so sorry about the delay replying! Seems I don’t have email notifications on replies! :open_mouth:

Have you tried modifying this variable? var(--font-ui-medium)

First of all, thank you very much for the great theme. For the typographically inclined small caps are a most welcome replacement for underlined links.

Just wondering if there will ever be any way to customise the primary (+ heading/code) fonts to system fonts? Your default choices are very good but there are a number of other fonts I would be keen to try out. Thanks!

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Hi there! So glad you’re enjoying the theme and glad you enjoy small caps over (in my opinion) overused underlines!

This isn’t too hard! I’ve filed an issue here on Github for me to keep track of and might take a look this weekend Allow users to override Title and Heading fonts with system fonts · Issue #51 · hungsu/typomagical-obsidian · GitHub