Theme: Blue Topaz

style setting 2.1.3

If you are a developer - sincere thanks for you enormous, high quality, some ungrateful, work!
Also, did there is a way to solve this read-mode problem in theme settings?
And reduce this distance in edit-mode for rainbow settings?

New bug: when swift moving big canvases there are stutters, sometimes for 1-2 seconds. Reproduced in clean Obsidian. Subjectively, it gets a little better after removal of big chunks of code like “font-family: ‘Bookerly’” to 1,3MB of theme.css, but the situation remains worse than in other themes, except for Minimal.
P.S. I was forced to change the theme to native one due to terrible slowdowns. In standard theme, if disable Highlightr and Style Settings plugins, they are absent even in huge canvases. :cry:

The latest theme has been reduced to a third of its original size and stripped the fonts into snippets

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style setting 2.3.2 list Indent distance can be adjusted

Hi , I wanted the same thing but mainly for aesthetic reasons.
there is a plugin called Icon Shortcodes that allows you to custom icons of your choice or the native emojis and special characters .