Theme: Blue Topaz

It would be great if checkbox icons mentioned about to one of the best themes!

It did work after update. Thank you.

This is a great theme, but I have to wonder if there is something wrong on my end regarding the List bullets. Are they supposed to look like this?:


I too am a long-time fan of Blue Topaz theme.

These multi/misaligned bullet points appear to be artifacts of the just-released v0.16 Obsidian Insider-build.

I see a couple other formatting issues as well (e.g., the ‘twisties’ next to folders in the File Explorer are messed).

Thanks. It’s good to get some confirmation that it’s not just me. I kind of forgot I was using an insider build. It makes sense there may be some issues with it since v0.16 appears to have made some changes that might affect theming.

I’m sure an official fix will come, in the meantime I’ve been trying to tweak things. I haven’t figured out how to override the lists. I did fix a problem where the dataview plugin fields had too much padding on the left, and ran off the right.

.cm-embed-block {
    padding-left: 0px;
.cm-contentContainer {
    width: 80%;

Clearly not the right fix, but made things more usable.
I did try some other templates that were cleaner, but nope, I can’t give up Blue Topaz!

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Thank you for your support!

Yet, currently, I don’t plan to update the theme for Obsidian v0.16. I cannot accept this scenario - one theme creator updates the default theme and others remake their themes to cater. We spent a lot of time on the theme, and suddenly we found the announcement telling us to remake themes, otherwise, they may not work well.

It happened, and could happen again. Hopefully obsidian will be better, but for me, I don’t want to spend my time and effort anymore. However, I won’t archive or delete the Blue Topaz repository, and if someone else pulls requests, I can merge them.

Thank you again for your support over the past two years!


I am the developer behind the new default theme, and I can assure you that the changes were in no way biased towards the community theme I had made previously. In fact it was the exact opposite.

The changes to the default theme are designed to make theme development easier and reduce maintenance work. We wanted to create a foundation that will reduce the chances that themes break in future updates to Obsidian. We also introduced the new theme versioning system to further improve the experience for users on older versions of Obsidian.

I understand how you feel, I’ve been there too. The decision to make big changes to the app is not made lightly because we know it creates work for the community. This is why we are giving community developers plenty of time to update before 0.16 is released publicly.

Once you have a chance to check out the 0.16.0 Theme Migration Guide I think you will find the new system of variables very convenient and it will speed up development for you.


Hi, I understand your frustration. Obsidian v0.16 was a big restructuring of the app to support tabs as well as more features in the app still yet to come. We did our best to keep themes and plugins unaffected but there were some breakages we couldn’t avoid. I just checked out Blue Topaz on 0.16 to see, and it looks like there were only a couple minor things affected; mainly the icon alignment in the File explorer and the Markdown view now seems to overflow horizontally.

I’m sorry that it probably felt abrupt, but we are very proud of the update and believe that in the long run, it will make the lives of theme developers a lot easier and Obsidian will be all the better for it.


As discussed above, the theme’s developer doesn’t have the time to update for 0.16, and has asked others to pitch in if possible.

Respect on the decision.
In my case, I find “blue topaz” the best theme for me, especially its Chinese font.
It’s a lose for a fan.

I’m sorry to hear of your decision - I had tried dozens of themes until I discovered yours and have stuck with Blue Topaz since!

That said, I applaud the decision of the Obsidian Developers… it was absolutely the correct on I think.

I was in the software business (commercial company level Development and CEO levels) and I have to agree with Jason Lanier…

Jaron Lanier (in an essay in the book The Next Fifty Years). He writes:

“Software sedimentation is a process whereby not only protocols, but the ideas embedded in them become mandatory. An example is the idea of the file… Files are now taught to students as a fact of life as fundamental as a photon, even though they are a human invention.” He indicates that sedimentation is the an inhibitor of innovation and good engineering

In my experience It is a guaranteed path to product maintenance problems, reduced third party innovation (and partner support) and obsolescence to boot. Thank goodness that the Developers of Obsidian had the good sense to make a change that will make it theme developer and plugin developer easier and reduce maintenance!

In my book all the more reason for me as a use to continue my use and in fact it encourages me to become an “evangelist” …

So excuse me while I go look for the next best thing available now and re-open a watch for a potentially totally new approach that “Kicks it our of the park!” (albeit with a strong feeling of appreciation for what you worked on with your heart, and mind, for so long and which was a benefit to me and all those who have used your theme).


I just found this theme and really appreciate all the thought and care that has gone into it. Thank you. I appreciate the challenges of maintenance in a changing environment with the complexity of this one and the challenges of open source contributions. Thanks again for encouraging others to help out.

Best regards.

Hi! I apologize for what could be a dumb question. I’m new to Obsidian and really like the Blue Topaz theme. However, I seem to be unable to find a few settings that I want to change in the Style Settings and am unsure how to use custom CSS to achieve what I want either.

  1. Is there a way to increase the spacing between the sidebar pane icons and the sidebar widget?
    As you can see here, I’m using the Fantasy Calendar plugin, and the top part of the widget looks really cramped in the sidebar. I want to increase the spacing before plugin title / buttons, if that’s possible?

  2. Is there a way to hide the H1 / H2 tiny header icons next to the headers in Reading mode?
    I did manage to get rid of them while in edit mode with the CSS snippet I found above in this thread, but they come back when I’m in reading mode, which I don’t know how to change.

Thank you so much!

I’m confused because I didn’t reproduce your problem. So make sure your ob version is within 0.15.9 and the theme has been updated to the latest version (20220929)

It is also recommended that you install the style setting plugin, I am sure you will have a new insight into blue topaz.

Just if anyone’s wondering, since yesterday there is a version that is (mostly) compatible with 1.0.0 :slight_smile:


Thank you for this nice theme. How does one change the highlighting color?

Hi. I want colored lists with small spacings like in older Obsidian versions. But in v1 only two options working: colored lists with a huge spacings when enabled “Indent using tabs” (list tabulation) and not colored lists when “Indent using tabs” disabled. Are there workarounds? Also, does anyone have colored list lines on v1?

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Bug with new canvases, missing in almost all themes except Atom and Blue Topaz. Because of the code:
.popover.hover-popover .markdown-embed .markdown-embed {
background-color: var(–embed-color); border: 1px solid var(–embed-color); border-radius: var(–radius-xs); padding: 0 0.2em; margin-bottom: 0; margin-top: 0;}
the clarity of fonts is lost in cases of reading mode and when the window is active, but clarity returns when window is inactive, for example, after clicking on taskbar.

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You have noticed the problem, the new version of the theme will be solved