TheBrain v12 with backlinks and mentions


Just informing everybody that TheBrain did a release v12 of their software and it is now including backlinks and mentions. You can now comfortably use it without the plex open (but it is still there). I like there implementation of these functions, but there are still many rough edges.

I am drawn between TheBrain and Obsidian (every time a little more to obsidian) but this release is a great step forward in using the notes in TheBrain and (back)linking between thoughts. Would be nice to see how it evolves and what we can take away from it.


If The Brain is only now implementing it, and it is still rough around the edges, then it is still lagging behind Obsidian, where backlinks and mentions are working fine. Yes, some people want to see more context, but that is a question of tweaks, not related the performance of the feature.


Used TheBrain since 2008. Now a convert to Obsidian. The rate of development with TheBrain has been very slow whereas Obsidian is on warp speed.

Big pro’s for Obsidian IMHO are

  • Non-proprietary storage.
  • Price
  • Rate of Development

The only problem is I have circa 13k of thoughts to get through over the coming years to transfer my IP out of TheBrain to Obsidian.

Will always have a soft spot for TheBrain but have used it too much as a collection tool rather than a PKM so Obsidian has come around at an opportune time for me.


Maybe this will help? It’s simple, but might do the trick to get stuff out of TheBrain.


Cheers Sander - will defo give it a spin :wink:

@tomgac, how’d it go? Could you share you workflow to make it work if it did? I’m on windows 10, and have downloaded a portable python zip, but never used python.
( )

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Alas still on the ever growing ToDo list - rank has fallen…

Over to you WahWah!

Oh Manischewitz.

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