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Very new user. My opinions may be uninformed, and I’m definitely not yet used to how to present myself on this forum. Even so, it is my hope that even my modest contribution offers something useful. Thank you for your time.

Use case or problem

The user should be able to do everything in the graph view that you can with markdown in the editing/outliner modes. Furthermore in order to make it more accessible to people who use a mobile, tablet, or simply are not as comfortable with visualizing the connections made with markdown there should be a way of switching to a wysiwyg view. Typing markdown, even for those comfortable with it will be very difficult on a mobile device for example.

At this point the graph would be the most logical place for that. The graph at this point is very limited and there is very little that you can do with a mouse or potentially finger or stylus. Even the basic functionality that would exist mundane tools such as paper and pen and scissors is virtually non-existent. I believe this should be rectified. However, I also acknowledge that the amount of work to redesign the graph to cope with this would be a massive effort for those who are not already experienced.

Proposed solution

Please take a moment to consider the top link from the three links at the bottom of this page. Note I have no affiliation with the company I’m sharing

This is the feature collection of the latest iteration of “thebrain” Which does much of what obsidian does except it does so in a visual way without the use of markdown. I don’t think it’s unfair to say that compared to other software solutions they have been struggling to make a foothold for themselves and they, like obsidian are primarily free. I suggest that collaboration or merging would solve our graph problem and give them a much-needed image uplift as obsidian is currently considered more innovative and the brain seems to be thought of as out of date and in need of an uplift. This would also save us massive time in building the graph from scratch. Why re-invent the wheel?

Many companies are so trapped with trying to compete with others. I see no reason to. I think in this case collaboration would strongly benefit both Obsidian and TheBrain and the emergent software solution would have a massive leg up on other competitors. I hope you take the time to talk to one another and that in the end, you feel the same. Thank you for your consideration.

Current workaround (optional)

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