Emulate the graph view organisation and ability to create nodes of The Brain app

I would love to see a plugin that emulates the ability to add nodes/notes visually from the graph view like in the “The Brain” app, and also arranges links to the top, side and bottom depending on direction (in The Brain, it’s parent, child or ‘jump link’, for Obsidian I suppose it could be based on direction - From, to or bidirectional). For reference, this is how the graph looks in The Brain when a node is focused:


There are small bullets on the top, left side and bottom of each node, clicking and dragging will open a dialogue box that will let you type to select an existing node or name a new one. The top bullet will let you link a parent, the bottom a child, and the side one is a ‘jump link’ which is neither parent or child.

I’ve been using The Brain for a little while and only recently discovered Obsidian so it might be a case of not yet understanding how to effectively use Obsidian, but as a more visually oriented person I really love this way of creating and navigating notes. I really like the way it stacks the different chunks of notes for easy comprehension, unlike Obsidian which is a bit all over the place.

The Brain seems to have a decently large userbase as well (half a million copies sold apparently) and I’m sure it’s users would be more willing to switch over if the program could behave in this way (and if they could convert their data but that’s another thread…)


The graph in TheBrain is its convention for showing parent (top link), child (bottom link) and related (side link). A note can have multiple parents, multiple children, and multiple related notes (“thoughts” in TheBrain-speak).

I believe you can do all that with Obsidian. With links to parents, children, related notes.

However, I would also suggest you might not want to emulate TheBrain with Obsidian because doing so with the three “types” of links in TheBrain’s model is more limited than the more expansive possibilities for establishing relationships between notes that Obsidian offers.

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Yeah, my thinking might be a bit limited there, I understand that Obsidian is a lot more expansive in its ability to display relationships between notes - But I do think it would be good to be able to traverse notes in this way if your data was organised that way already and if that was something that you were used to. This is why I have suggested it as a plugin and not a feature request.

I’m guessing also that parent-child-sidelink is synonymous with from-to-bidirectional relationships in Obsidian? In which case it seems like it would be easy enough to import data from The Brain.

Another thing it just occured to me that I like about The Brain’s graph besides the organisation is the absence of floaty animations.

I think you can get the same result with Obsidian. Play around with links, “linked mentions”, linking to headers, etc. See what you think.

Perhaps. You’d have to play with writing your own exporter. I’m not fond of TheBrain 11’s ability to integrate with the rest of the world via import/export. The product did this a lot more elegantly before the architectural rewrite of TheBrain v7.

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what you mean by “more expansive possibilities for establishing relationships between notes”?

I`m interested in the same stuff. Can we get in touch and maybe find the way to implement the plugin?