The All Obsidian-Publish(s) Collection by Leo, Latest Update: 20210324

Latest update: 20210324_Leo

What is this?
It’s a collection of obsidian-published vaults.

I am showing the link, naming the user and trying to give a short comment on what I saw in these notes.
If you don’t want to be mentioned here, just tell me and I will edit it right away. The short comments are always just my opinion - if I am completely wrong, just tell me, there is nothing that can’t be changed.



  • Regie’sReggienotes-OP A small vault as example of writing in Obsidian and publishing via OP. “[W]ill be updated periodically.” Could become interesting in the future. 20210324_Leo

Since we can only mention 10 people in one post. I will link the Obsidian-Forum-Profile of each author from now on. ↑

  • @Joschua’s The x - OP “[F]eatures the Bible Study in Obsidian Kit but will grow over time with notes and book notes on Faith, Technology, Productivity[…], Culture and all it’s intersections[.]” 20210324_Leo
  • @nvanderhoeven’s Notes - OP “[A]bout software reliability and performance, programming, Dungeons & Dragons”. This vault is huge. Could be interesting for (not only) software engineers, because it has some Q&A-like notes, showing problems and possible solutions quite clearly. 20210304_Leo
  • @anthonyamar’s Welcome in my Mind - OP Notes about a big variety of topics. Mainly about entrepreneurship. Most notes are connected to ‘the outside’. In consequence it feels a bit like an extended library of bookmarks. (Not in a negative way!). 20210304_Leo
  • @uosdwisrdewoh’s biggerthanwords -OP “[A]ttempts to keep on top of the films I watch, the books I read and the music I listen to”. Lots of subjective reviews. Especially the film-notes are long and deep thoughts sometimes. 20210304_Leo
  • @misterchad’s Resources - OP “For now, this site is a simple place to share resources with my students. Eventually I will fill it out with art and personal content and a digital mind garden […]”. Main topics: creativity and design. 20210126_Leo
  • @rosie’s Rosie Campbell - OP These are “less polished thoughts, interesting snippets, resources, etc.” of Rosie. These notes and topics feel like a window into Rosies brain and the notebook on her desk. Insightful trains of thought together with inspiring recipes. 20210126_Leo
  • @justindirose’s The Sweep - OP Includes a “variety of topics, including productivity, remote work, development, problem-solving”. It is not that big but the content of the notes is in return excelent and well linked. 20210126_Leo
  • Andy Martuschaks’s working notes converted into a OP. 20210126_Leo
  • @AQuantumMechanist’s The Quantum Well - OP “Covering topics in Mathematics and Physics”. Verry manicured vault. Tipp: Look at the content-table at the left to quickly navigate to the numerous interesting topics. 20210126_Leo edit: changed link Leo_20210127
  • cags - OP To be honest, I don’t know what to do with this. Have a look, it’s “interessting”. 20210126_Leo
  • @djdrysdale’s Moby Diction - OP Warm introduction. Groomed notes. “[…] In general, they will talk about strategy, research, UX, product development, learning, and knowledge management, but might stray pretty far afield from that sometimes.” sums it up. 20210126_Leo
  • @aja2488 Anthony Agbay’s - OP Nice introduction for the reader. Some very interesting polished notes. “[… P]rimarily an exploration of chemistry, engineering, and medicine.” Clean. Invites you to dive into a link and a link and a link. … 20210126_Leo
  • Brian Jenks’ - OP Good example of a ZK structure. Mainly statistics and programming Tpp: start here and scroll down to "Map of MOCs. The structure has changed a lot and is now one of the positiv parts of this Vault. 20210126_Leo
  • Andriy Drozdyuk’s - OP Some about Computer Science and physics. Especially some interesting thoughts about time and other scientific topics. Good structure but seems not to big at this point. 20210126_Leo
  • Erick_James_Dodge’s - Indo-European Wiki - new link! Big Wiki. Some empty notes leading nowhere. Still many treasures. Wide range of subjects. Seems to be updated regularly. Read the introduction and have a look if it fits your interest. 20210126_Leo
  • Louis030195’s - OP Many book-notes. Thoughts about thinking. Seeing humans from a biological, still philosophical perspective. 20201019Leo
  • Santi Younger’s - OP Personal Zettelkasten. Notes on entrepreneurship, philosophy and all types of analogies. These notes serve as a source of creative output for content created at: 20201020SantiYounger/Leo
  • Alexis Rondeau’s - OP -new link! Interesting introspective thoughts. Type of mental diary. Start at the link and scroll the note-toppics. It looks groomed now and filled with thoughts. 20210126_Leo
  • Eric Gregoric’s - OP Changed. Will be reviewed. 20201019Leo - completly empty now, “coming soon” 20210126_Leo

Remember: There is no “wrong” Obsidian Publish. Every new note brings a new thought in someones brain → and that’s what we want!
Save this post and come back any once in a while and get some inspiration :slight_smile:

Have a nice day! Leo 20210126


Big January’21 Update
I finally made it through all commented Vaults :slight_smile:

  • I will try to link the Users, who’s vaults are in the list directly and not just name them.
  • Fewer phrases as “not so many notes” - as consequence to criticism by the vault-owners. I see your point!

You voted - it’s “Date of entry - newest on top” and inside of it, I will sort it “Alphabetically by Author”. Thank you for your participation.


Love this, thanks!




:tada: Thanks!


Here’s mine–Moby Diction


Hey guys! I will Update the Post in a few hours thanks for your OPs. :slight_smile:


This is awesome and exactly what I hoped for!

Thank you @Katlar for organizing.

Let’s keep an eye on for new published vaults.

Been looking around this, absolutely loving the notes. Thanks for sharing!


Hey, a bit nervous to share this, but I’ve been putting together some notes in both math and physics - the plan is to digitize a lot of my old notes and I want to use this as a basis to build a comprehensive resource that teaches advanced undergraduate and graduate level physics.


Will update all notes and implement the new OPs this weekend, thank you for sharing your thoughts! :slight_smile:

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Nice work Katlar! I changed the web adress for my collection:

Erick_James_Dodge’s - Proto-Indo-European Garden!


Andy’s Working Notes site was the inspiration for the side scrolling notes mode that you can enable in the Obsidian Publish and has a CSS hack for vaults. A community member, with his permission, went ahead and crawled his site and create an Obsidian Publish Version.

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I’ve slowly started adding public notes to my Obsidian Publish instance. Fairly small but will continue to build out slowly over time.


Hey guys sorry im ill. The update will come soon, there is much to review :slight_smile:

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Lot’s of “the link destination … does not exist” with Alexis Rondeau’s OP

Did you publish it already? It would really help me a lot in my studies, good luck and take care.

What do you mean? I linked to it on this thread already and you can use it.

Sorry, I did not noticed it, thanks.

I’m really interested in doing this. I keep wondering about the why. I have a blog that is mostly languishing. I’d be interested to hear about how those of you who dove in already are finding the experience of working like this.