Is there any place where I can find examples of other people’s knowledge bases in Obsidian?

Hey everyone,
I’ve read some stuff about how to organise your knowledge base. I’d like to have my organisation down before I’ve got to convert hundreds of old notes. What I heard is that PARA is an option where you have four main folders, or having MOCs, or only sorting through tags. Do you have any examples of other people’s knowledge bases so I know what things look like in action? I think that’d be quite helpful. (Maybe the file organisation themselves or what the knowledge graph looks like using the method)

There is a lot of links in there Example Workflows in Obsidian - #15 by Squatpushpull. And a couple of others in here List or repository of downloadable vaults? - #4 by Archie.

Not sure if this helps

My organization keeps evolving and is somewhat liquid. Even though I am using a no-longer identifiable version of PARA aka what works for me. I have found the best thing to do is just start working and see what happens.

Are you sure you need all of your older notes? (I have no idea, just a question you may have already answered).
How often do you refer to those notes? Are they mission critical or nice to have?

Once you know you need/want the notes, understand you are not tied to a four folder structure. Your vault is a folder, you can add/delete files and folders. In my opinion no system will be perfect, because it will most likely continue to evolve. All any of us need to do is find the perfect system for us.

Hope this helps a little.

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What is the structure/format that your old notes are currently in? I don’t see why you can’t just create a folder called old notes, than put them in there before you settle on how you want to integrate them fully into your vault.

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@kanefrieden I recently became more serious about PKM and making it work for me, and I found it helpful to think look at a few people’s work:

In a bid to clarify my own workflow, I also found it helpful to think about a subset of the “problem” — the types of notes that exist in a PKM. Wrote a blog post about it, which you can read here (this is part I; part II is on its way).

Good luck figuring this out! I think @Cajun spilled the beans in an earlier reply:

I have found the best thing to do is just start working and see what happens.

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