Text arrow (->) not being swapped out for unicode arrow (→)

This is the most minor issue, but when I type out an arrow: ->
It doesn’t get swapped for the unicode arrow: →

And now my notes look a lot sadder

I’ve looked though the forum and it doesn’t look like anyone else has had this happen, and there doesn’t appear to be something I’ve accidentally toggled.

I’ve tested it on two computers and in a new empty vault with no luck.
It does appear to still work on mobile though?
Any ideas?

That usually comes from fonts that have ligatures. So, choose a text or monospace font with ligatures, and you’ll get that transformation.

What’s your OS and Obsidian version? Folks may have some font suggestions and/or things to change.

This topic is the opposite of what you want, but may give some insight:

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That usually comes from fonts that have ligatures

Thanks to you and dvasella over here, I’m now using Inter, which is working.

Version-wise I’m running the latest Obsidian, and it appeared to stop working at the same time for me on both Linux and Windows (the two computers)

Someone said somewhere else that it could be because of v1.5.11, and there’s a good chance I just hadn’t noticed that it stopped working then

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Yeah, that’ll be it.

I’m fairly certain the change was pre v1.5, but Obsidian previously used Inter as the text font and now uses the system default.

In any event, Inter is great. Glad it worked out.