Special characters are being merged?

What I’m trying to do

I want to stop Obsidian from reformating or changing characters.
For example, if I want to write =>, ->, <= or >=, Obsidian is reformatting those to a short form:

Looking from the “Source” mode:


Notice the first and second, the equal and the greater-than sign are merged.
Same with the hyphen and greater-than sign.

This does not happen on the 3rd and 4th.
But it does happen again on the math expression.

And if I open the notebook in the “Live Preview” mode, it looks like:


I prefer it if Obsidian does not replace the characters.
How can I do that?

Things I have tried

This is the text I am using:




Same happens on a Sandbox vault:

Any ideas?

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Which operating system are you using? If you’re using MacOs have you checked that your keyboard doesn’t have shortcuts defined for these combinations?

Thank you for your reply.
I am using Windows 11. I have an US ANSI keyboard.

Strange that only the characters are being reformatted or converted in a few cases inside Obsidian.

And if I copy and paste those reformatted symbols, and paste on Notepad, the symbol is in the expanded form.

Also I a tested and checked on Notepad and Visual Studio Code, and the .md files are normally formated. I mean, the => are two characters.

That most often comes from font ligatures.

I see the same in the Sandbox on Windows 11. Whatever the default monospace font Obsidian is using has those. I don’t see it on macOS.

If you change Settings > Appearance → Monospace font to a different monospace font without ligatures, it should be fine. I randomly picked Source Code Pro (not sure if that’s in Windows by default) and the => weren’t combined in the code block.


Do you have Smart Typography or another plugl-in installed?

Thank you @ariehen for your reply.
Was that.
For some reason, before I did not have this “issue”.

On Windows 11, the default monospace font for Obsidian was Cascadia Code, and this one has ligatures.

I changed it to Consolas (the same used by VSCode and Notepad), and now I don’t have ligatures. Same as it was before.

Now, on “Live Preview” looks like this:

And on “Source”, like this:

Thank you all.


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