Non-monospace font with ligatures

Does anyone know and use a non-monospace font which has ligatures? For coding I usually use the famous Fira Code, but this is a monospace font, which looks shitty for the normal text. However, having ligatures in normal text seems very sensible to me, because I often use => arrows etc. and it would be nice if they would be rendered as ligatures. However, Fira Sans seems not to have them.

Does anyone know / use a non-monospace font with ligatures, which I could use in the editor?

Why not try Inter? It’s beautiful, extremely legible and has all the ligatures you can ask for. See Inter font family and Google Fonts: Inter. If you prefer a serif font Source Serif Pro may be an (free) option.


I use Iosevka Aile (scroll to the For Every Writing section), which supports ligatures.


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