Tapping iOS status bar sometimes only scrolls partway to top

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Obsidian Mobile version: v1.4.1

When I tap the iOS status bar, sometimes the note scrolls to the top as it should, and sometimes it scrolls to a point a little below that (but far enough that the top is out of view). Tapping a second time scrolls to the top (and so far, each time the remaining distance to the top has been short).

I suspect it’s more likely to happen in longer notes. All of the notes it’s happened in so far have had a secondary heading relatively close to the top (within a paragraph or so), but I don’t know if that’s a factor; the note doesn’t scroll to that heading.

This is still a big improvement over the prior version in which tapping the status bar did nothing. Thanks for adding this!

Update 2023-02-24

On 1.4.2 I’ve noticed that now I sometimes have to tap more than twice to reach the top. But I’ve been merging a bunch of notes into longer ones, so I don’t know if this is actually new behavior or if I’m only noticing it now that I’m working with some longer files,

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Same issue here.

Steps to repro:

  • Create a long note
  • Create a header at the end of the note
  • Link to this header from another note (or from the top of the long note)
  • click the link in order to go straight to the bottom of the note.
  • Tap the top of the screen to go up. Scrolling will stop intermittently until you reached the top.

Workaround: Open the long note, and scroll all the way down. When you scroll back up, everything is smooth.

My assumption is that when you jump to the end of the note without having scrolled down through the text, the text layout is not rendered correctly (or something like this).


“Or something like this.”

One of the reasons why I disable Live Preview on the iPad (especially because of many long notes).

I’ve come to pick up the habit of navigating through Outline (or the Quiet Outline plugin) and also the habit of folding all my headings, so I open them as I want to review one particular part.
I have a hunch though that the rendering is still going on in the background and I am not sure if I do anything in the way of alleviating…anything. :wink:

is this still happening?

It got much much better with yesterday’s update, but still happening.
I have a very long note, when I open it
in editing mode and jump to the bottom by clicking a link to a header that is at the bottom of the note, I need:

  • 8 taps on the iOS status bar to get back to the top when the keyboard is not on screen, and
  • 26 taps on the status bar when the keyboard is on screen.

In reading mode it works fine: one tap goes straight back to the top.

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Yes, still happening for me. (I’m on 1.4.3, not Insider.)

Another workaround: switch to Reading View. I haven’t tested much yet but the problem seems to not happen there. Bug: Scrolling long notes, scroll abruptly stops in between - #17 by axmag

this still happens, right?

It does.