Bug: Scrolling long notes, scroll abruptly stops in between


[X] iOS

Obsidian Mobile version: v1.4.2 and earlier

When I swipe down on a longer note on iPad, every few seconds the scroll movement stops abruptly.
Default theme, CSS deactivated, restricted mode on. Obsidian was killed and restarted before the test.
In this example I used a very long note to demonstrate, but it also happens with shorter notes.

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I’ve never noticed it before because I tend to “refresh” the scroll with repeated swipes instead of waiting for it to stop.

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additional info: There was an update some weeks ago which improved the rendering of markdown elements when scrolling fast. If I remember correctly, this improved the “abrupt-scroll-stop” behavior a lot.

I don’t think we are gonna do much more beyond that. This happens because the Live Preview is computed as you scroll.

I think a user doesn’t mind when the computation happens slow, but when the scrolling stops constantly, it feels broken.

A good workaround might be if the scrolling keeps going, and computing happens with a delay.

I think the issue is that Obsidian doesn’t know how far you can scroll until you’ve scrolled. It’s an interesting case for competing priorities, though. I also get caught by this behavior occasionally.

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