Tab Stacks/Sliding Mode: Add option to show only one tab a time with two collapsed stacks on the sides (full width tab)

Add option to force only one tab to be in view with two completely collapsed stacks on its sides, even if the screen is big enough to view the content of multiple tabs.

In other terms, the active tab width should be automatically adjusted so that it occupies all the space.

This mimics deathau’s sliding pane option named “Leaf Auto Width”.


:heart_eyes: yes!

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I support this too.

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Indeed, an option to set the default behavior is good. In the actual mode, it should be like it is (showing part of the others panels especially on large screens), but when doing shift+scroll, we should be able to force them to reduce totally, at the end of scroll.

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Yes, please!
I had the perfect setup before 0.16 with the Sliding Panes plugin.
It’s cool to have this feature built-in, but please let’s have the control to have the current tab to cover the whole space, not just the “majority”.

In my case - and I think many of us have this preference - I prefer:

  1. Not to use tabs
    I even use some custom css to minimize the width of these “vertical tabs”.
  2. See one single tab full width, as it helps:
    1. Have a focus on one thing, minimize the distraction of seeing a partial part of another tab.
    2. Have a smaller window, relevant when working on a laptop, at least.

I hope these are enough arguments for our request for this.



Support! Support! Support!


This would be a wonderful feature. Right now, I’m not loving the update since it forced the change on my workflow. However, this feature would really make my experience enjoyable.


Yes please!


Here its a QUICKFIX for those who want to have full width sliding panes.
Add this custom css snippet

body {
  --tab-stacked-pane-width: 100%;

Thank you for this!

I’m sorry I can’t get it work. I not sure if I did it right.

First, I created a new css file and put the code in it. Then, I moved this file into <vault>/.obsidian/snippets/. Last, I turn on the button in obsidian-preference-appearance-CSS snippets and reload the obsidian.

However, I still can not have full-width sliding panes. Would you mind sharing your way to get this done? Thank you very much!

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As someone with BIG monitors… it REALLY hurts that Andy tabs community plugin no longer even works with Obsidian. It won’t let me renable it and it’s being blocked by Obsidian. Could we please allow those of us that have workflows that are used to using the way Andy tabs worked to disable the new Sliding tabs mode in obsidian so we can keep using the Andy mode tabs? This has utterly destroyed my workflow on the 43" monitors. I don’t want to see all these tabs equally placed out, especially when I’m looking at kanban notes. I’ll have 7 notes open and only want to see ONE at a time and move between them with hot key. It’s just super frustrating now and just doesn’t work the way it did… which was a better way than how it’s working with this new feature vs Andy mode tabbing. Help us obi wan kenobi… your our only hope.


Are you using a custom theme or the default one?
Do your cuatom snippet file name end with a .css extension?
The steps you mentioned are exactly what you need to do make it work. The css snippets work right away when they are enabled (you dont have to restart obsidian)

  • Are you using a custom theme or the default one?
    • I’m using the “minimal” theme, but I won’t work with the default theme either.
  • Do your cuatom snippet file name end with a .css extension?
    • yes

Could you please share the picture of the final result identifying the snippet is working?
I appreciate your patience!

Big +1 on this

Glad to see this intention of reintroducing Sliding Pane functionality after v1.0 release.
I hope eventually all features of this great plugin will come back.

To me, the thing I lack the most is a “Toggle stacking” option. With it enabled, panes were shown side by side without overlapping with a long horizontal scroll bar below. Also, there were an option to set pane width in settings.

Since demonstrating this feature would require me to install earlier Obsidian version somehow, hopefully this screenshot of site will be enough to show what I mean.


Thanks. This is really need.
Without the leaf width I have to turn off the so-called “stack tabs” new functions.

Thank you, David! This solved a major frustration of 1.x and sliding panes! Much appreciated!

Thanks for the fix from me as well! I was already missing this since the switch from Andy’s Mode, and especially with the new canvas panes, the maximum width just wasn’t enough. So glad to have the full width view back.

I support this too.