Tab Stacks/Sliding Mode: Add an option to select text-orientation 1.1

As follows
add an option to select text-orientation · deathau/[email protected] · GitHub

Original post below,I don’t know why it was closed.

This is the original feature on Andy Mode, if you think there is something wrong with my description it means you are too shallow, I don’t think it need a long description of this feature to satisfy your bureaucracy.

In fact, I have taken your template as a reference.It’s funny that you can’t even lead by example.

Please discipline yourself first, push yourself a bit and follow the FR template.

Can’t you just describe what you want and why? what other users are going to understand if you just point to a commit in the github repository?

IF you are a developer, why can also write a plugin for this.

That’s not the point, why did you close my thread? Why don’t you have to follow the template?
Because you are the privileged class?

I am not a privileged class. I don’t even use this feature, I collected the feedback from another thread and wrote what the user wanted. So yo are kindly asked to write descriptive feature requests. The template is prompt to write descriptive FR and desciptive FR help other users find/understand what is being asked.
If you don’t want to do it or you want to be belligerent about it, you can leave the forum.